Guarani counters Diego Loureiro, goalkeeper of Botafogo, and reports ‘three negative surprises’ after closing loan deal

O Guarani issued an official note on Sunday night (7) positioning itself on the goalkeeper’s decision Diego Loureiroathlete of Botafogo, of no longer defending the Bugre on loan. The Campinas club countered the player and said that, contrary to what he reported, the changes in relation to the initial agreement were requested by the athlete.

In the text, Guarani cited “three negative surprises” after having entered into an agreement with Botafogo for the loan, which would run until the end of next year and had already been officially announced. According to Bugre, Diego appointed two representatives to deal with salaries and one of them allegedly claimed to have received a proposal from Portugal, which did not happen.

In addition, according to Gurani, Diego Loureiro “demonstrated dissatisfaction” in receiving the same salary he received at Botafogo and, “hurt by Glorioso’s decision” to lend him and, after Alvinegro hired a new goalkeeper (it is possible that this is Lucas Perri, for 2023), demanded a higher salary to sign. Finally, the goalkeeper would also have asked for a release clause after Paulistão if Bugre is relegated this year to Série C of the Brazilian.

Check out the official Guarani note:

Guarani informs that goalkeeper Diego Loureiro will not be part of the bugrino squad following the season and clarifies the situation involving the athlete.

The negotiation between Guarani and Botafogo was conducted through those responsible for the football department of the two clubs: Rodrigo Pastana and André Mazzuco, as happens in such situations. However, the club faced three negative ‘surprises’ after the deal.

1) Two agents from different companies were appointed to deal with the salary issue and one of them (Miguel Pinho, owner of an Agency for the Representation of Portuguese Athletes) claimed, AFTER the agreement, that the athlete should not appear in Campinas, because the same would lead him to Portuguese football, through a proposal that never arrived. This same representative forbade the athlete to participate in the training last Saturday and was the one who warned, this Sunday, that there would be no more arrangements and that the athlete had already returned to Rio de Janeiro.

2) The athlete showed dissatisfaction in receiving the same values ​​he received in the last club. Hurt with the former team’s position in lending him and, after hiring a new goalkeeper by the home club, the athlete demanded an increase in the amounts agreed to sign the loan contract.

3) The athlete demanded a contractual release clause after the Campeonato Paulista in case of relegation of Guarani.

Guarani Futebol Clube is a traditional institution, respected in Brazilian football and which has taken care to fulfill all its agreements. We will not be held hostage by professionals who do not want to or, on the way, realize that they are not capable of winning such a fight.

We also regret that such facts are commonplace and a consequence of the lack of professional conduct on the part of some athletes and agents.

Finally, we are grateful for the efforts of Botafogo and its Management, which had no responsibility for this episode, and were available to resolve the situation.

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