Gusttavo Lima show ends with 8 victims of vehicle and cell thefts

Gusttavo Lima’s show rocked France in the early hours of this Sunday, 7th, but also moved the police sector. According to a preliminary assessment by the military and civil police, at least eight cases were registered – three involving vehicles and five involving cell phones.

Three vehicle thefts occurred near the venue, in the Industrial District, being a Hilux pickup truck, an i30 Hyundai and a Fiat Uno.

In the case of the truck, the thieves were unable to take the vehicle, but damaged the door and panel, in addition to stealing some objects and documents that were inside the vehicle, according to its owner, who attended the CPJ (Central de Polícia Judiciária) to record the event.

The Military Police managed to arrest two suspects in the theft of the truck. According to the thieves themselves, they are from Ribeirão Preto.

Among robberies and thefts of cell phones, five police reports were registered. In the case of the 21-year-old receptionist RRA, the thief pushed her and managed to pull her iPhone cell phone out of her bag. “I was at the show and on my way to the bathroom when I felt a jerk in my bag. When the bag came back, I looked inside and the cell phone was gone. I didn’t have time to react and I didn’t see if it was a man or a woman,” she said, who was also at CPJ to register the incident. “I tried to track my cell phone through my friends’ devices, but I couldn’t,” added the victim.

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