How to check on the internet if the registration in Auxílio Brasil was approved?

The increase in the value of the installment and the possibility of new inclusions in the Brazil aid the number of people in search of social benefit increased. Every month, the number of families enrolled in the Cadastro Único (CadÚnico), a system that gives access to the program, grows.

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After registering at the Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) or CadÚnico post, the interested party must wait for approval. The good news is that you don’t have to go to the site again to consult your situationsince the process can be done online.

There are two options: the Auxílio Brasil app and the Caixa Tem app, both available for Android and iOS. See how to perform the query in each of the tools:

Brazil Assistance App

Login to the tool can be done using the credentials of the Caixa Tem, FGTS or Bolsa Família account. The second option is to create a new registration using the CPF and password. Within the system, just check on the home page whether or not there is a benefit available for that CPF.

App Caixa Tem

From Caixa Tem, just log in and click on the “Auxílio Brasil” option. The platform will inform you whether or not the individual has been approved to receive payments.

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