How to enable and disable 5G on Samsung phones

Are you with difficulties to access the 5G or your battery cell Samsung started downloading quickly after connecting to the new network? One solution to eliminate such problems is to revert to using older technologies such as 4G.

Available in São Paulo and other Brazilian cities, the fifth generation of mobile internet is showing instability at this first moment, something considered normal by operators. With this, the “old” 4G is an alternative to stay connected in case the newly launched network fails.

O TecMundo prepared a tutorial to disable 5G on Samsung phones, which you can see below. It is worth mentioning that the way to make the change may be a little different, depending on the version of Android used, but the idea is the same in any model.

Turning off 5G on Samsung smartphones

Wanting disable 5G on Samsung phones, to save battery, avoid instabilities or for any other reason? Follow the steps below:

1. Open the “Settings” menu on your Samsung device and tap “Connections”;

Samsung phone settings menu.Samsung phone settings menu.Source: TecMundo

2. On the next screen, choose “Mobile networks” to check the available connection options;

Opening smartphone mobile networks.Opening smartphone mobile networks.Source: TecMundo

3. Now, the item you should open is “Band Selection”;

Open the band selection to set the new network.Open the band selection to set the new network.Source: TecMundo

4. Finally, check the option “LTE/3G/2G (auto connect)”, within the “Band selection”, which will allow you to activate the older technologies according to the availability of the network.

In this step, you can select 4G and other older technologies.In this step, you can select 4G and other older technologies.Source: TecMundo

After that, you can now connect to the internet using 4G or other older networks, remembering that if you want re-access 5G to enjoy greater speed and other advantages, just repeat the tutorial. In this case, select the fifth generation of mobile internet in the last step.

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