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WhatsApp, an app available on the Google Play Store and App Store, offers the function of entering a password by fingerprint. With the feature, the messenger is only opened after the user is unlocked. Thus, the functionality can be useful to increase the security of the application and prevent other people from accessing the conversations. It is worth remembering that the tool also allows you to select a period for the code requirement, enter immediately after being closed, one or 30 minutes. See below how to enable fingerprint lock on WhatsApp.

It is worth mentioning that the walkthrough was reproduced on Android phones. To find out how to put passcode on iPhone smartphones, see the full tutorial here.

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Tutorial teaches how to insert fingerprint lock in WhatsApp on Android phones — Photo: Flávia Fernandes/TechTudo

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How to Enter Fingerprint Password in WhatsApp on Android

Step 1. Open WhatsApp, tap the three dots and press “Settings”;

Step by step explains how to block WhatsApp by fingerprint — Photo: Reproduction/Flávia Fernandes

Step 2. Tap on “Account” and then on “Privacy”;

WhatsApp allows fingerprint blocking — Photo: Reproduction/Flávia Fernandes

Step 3. Select “Fingerprint lock” and then “Unlock with…”;

Blocking by fingerprint on WhatsApp can bring more privacy and security to conversations — Photo: Reproduction/Flávia Fernandes

Step 4. Tap the phone’s fingerprint sensor to confirm the action. Then you can configure whether you want WhatsApp to block within one minute, 30 minutes or immediately after closing. Another option of the messenger in this same tab is to define if you prefer that new messages are shown in the notification bar or not.

Choose the time for blocking on WhatsApp — Photo: Reproduction/Flávia Fernandes

Ready, WhatsApp will now be enabled with fingerprint lock.

with information from Whatsapp.

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