Isaquias makes recovery test and is silver in the World – 07/08/2022

Isaquias Queiroz suffered, but this Sunday (7th) he won the silver medal in the C1 1,000m of the Canoe Speed ​​World Championship, in what is the Olympic distance of the male canoe. He was only fifth with about 400 meters to go, but he paddled hard to make three passes and finish second, more than a boat behind the surprising Romanian Catalin Chirila.

The Bahian has seven gold medals in World Cups, but only one in the C1 1,000m, which is the most popular canoe event, as it is also contested at the Olympic Games. Four of these titles came in the shorter version of the C1 500m, which he also won yesterday in Halifax (Canada), two in doubles events in the C2, and only one title is in the C1 1000m, won in 2019, in Hungary.

Due to the way he won the Olympic Games last year and what he had been showing in training in Lagoa Santa (MG), Isaquias was the big favorite to win the second championship. But he was surpassed by Chirila already in the qualifiers, when the first place won a direct place in the final and the others continued on to the semifinals. The Romanian won and the Brazilian was second, which required him to row a thousand meters more than expected at the Worlds.

In the final, Isaquias was already behind in the first strokes. The Bahian usually has as a strategy not to let rivals open too much, and explode in the final 500 meters. In this more intense phase, the normal thing is not to have for anyone. But this time, not only was he already far behind the first ones, but Chirila kept up an even greater speed than Isaquias.

In his recovery race, the Brazilian overtook Frenchman Adrien Bart, who finished fourth, passed Czech rival Martin Fuksa, who took bronze, missing less than 50 meters, but did not catch up to Chirila, a 24-year-old Romanian who never he had been on the podium in the World Championships, debuted with silver yesterday in the C1 500m and stands as a great rival to the Brazilian. Isaquias finished the race in 4min15s38, 1s52 of Chirila, who started to celebrate before the finish line.

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