Isaquias Queiroz wins silver in the Canoeing World Cup | canoeing

Isaquias Queiroz returned to the podium this Sunday morning for the Canoeing World Championship held in Halifax, Canada. The Brazilian canoeist won silver in the C1 1000m and reached the 14th medal in events of this magnitude. In an exciting final, he managed to recover in the final meters and secured the second best time (4m15s80). With the gold went the Romanian Catalin Chirila (4m14s28); Czech Martin Fuksa (4m16s21) took bronze.

Isaquias Queiroz, Canoeing World Cup — Photo: Fábio Canhete

In lane number 7, Isaquias crossed the first 250m in second position, behind only Chinese Pengfei. Stretching out the paddling and trying to control the physical wear and tear, the Brazilian seemed out of the loop at the turn of the 500m. In the final stretch, however, the Brazilian’s warrior instinct appeared, who in an exciting way managed to make an impressive recovery. With an intense paddling, all he needed to do was catch up with the Romanian.

Isaquias Queiroz wins silver in the C1 1000m at the Canoeing World Cup

Isaquias Queiroz wins silver in the C1 1000m at the Canoeing World Cup

+ Isaquias reveals pressure for titles after Olympic gold

With this medal, Isaquias closes his seventh participation in worlds with seven golds, his first silver and six bronzes. On Saturday, he had already been champion of the C1 500m. In fact, with the two medals Isaquias fulfills what he had promised before the event. In an interview, he said that he would not return with a “naked neck” and would aim for his 14th podium.

Isaquias Queiroz is gold in the C1 500m at the Canadian Canoeing World Cup — Photo: Fábio Canhete

Legend of the sport in the country, Isaquias also revealed that he wants to become “the greatest Olympic athlete in Brazil”. With an eye on Paris 2024, he already accumulates an Olympic gold in Tokyo 2020, precisely in the C1 1,000 race, in addition to two silvers and a bronze in Rio 2016, which earned him the “title” of Brazilian with the most medals in a same edition of the Olympic Games.

It is possible to say that this was a kind of rematch between Isaquias and Catalin Chirila. That’s because the Romanian had beaten the Brazilian in the qualifying phase, preventing Queiroz from advancing directly to this Sunday’s finals. The Brazilian canoeist had to prolong his way to the medal, paddling 1,000m more than his opponent during his passage through the semifinals. In the C1 500m test, who was fighting with Isaquias again? Chirilla. This time, the Brazilian won.

End of Brazilian participation

In the last Brazilian appearance at the Canoe World Championship in Halifax, the duo Erlon Silva and Filipe Vieira took fifth position in the final of the C2 1,000m. The two finished the race in 4:08.24, 13 seconds behind German champions Sebastian Brendel and Tim Hecker. The second position went to China and the third to Canada.

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