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Mango’s hyper feminine dress mixes sensuality and innocence (goes to XXL)

It’s the sure bet for women who don’t resist trends. From the satiny fabric to the pink, they are all present.

It has sizes for (almost) every body.

When we talk about pieces that make a woman feel powerful, the most common thing is to imagine more structured clothes. However, it doesn’t take a more masculine look for this empowerment to be possible. The most sensual looks that express the femininity of the wearer are equally powerful in the message they seek to convey.

Graphic, fun and versatile, the polka dot style — that is, the polka dot pattern — is an option to add to other trends of the season, such as the satin fabric or the pink that is coloring every closet. The name “polka” comes from a Czech dance, popular between the 40s and 60s, with the pattern being an assiduous presence in the coordinates.

Despite having been around for several decades, it remains part of the clothes we wear. It passed by Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, Prince or Julia Roberts, and now we find these little balls in countless clothing stores, like Mango. It is in the Spanish retailer that we find the proposal for women who want to assume their sensuality, but with an innocent touch.

It glides through the body amazingly.

This slight naivety is due to the fact that the design resembles the slip dress, the famous dress that resembles a nightgown. These are also one of the most attractive models of the current season, especially at night. Therefore, the piece is ideal to wear at parties.

The long design features a straight cut, very light and fluid. It has a low-cut collar and an open back, joined by a system of thin, double straps that cross at the back.

If you don’t like the color of the dress, there is also a white option. Both cost €29.99 on the Mango website and are available from XXS to XXL.

In fact, satin dresses are the trend you will want to join this season. Click on the gallery to discover the model (or models) you will want to have in your closet for the future.

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The dress costs €22.99 at Pull & Bear.

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