Nelly Performs With Ashanti Amid Irv Gotti ‘Drink Champs’ Story

Nelly And the Ashanti Seems to put some salt in the wound Irv Gotti He still deals with it knowing they were a long time ago – but that could just be a coincidence.

Here’s the deal… Murder Inc honcho no. last guest indrinking heroesIn the episode’s preview clips, Irv can be heard telling many of Ashanti’s stories – including how he found out she was involved with Nelly.

It’s unclear what year, but IG says he was watching an NBA game when he saw the two artists hang out and perform together – which left him stunned at the time, as apparently he was also romantically linked to her around the same time. . Apparently he still has some sour grapes left… and about his rocky relationship with Ashanti in general.

More on that in a bit… But first, skip ahead to Friday Night – where Nellie, Jay’s RuleAnd the what $hAshanti night john Others were leading the “My 2000s Playlist” party in Auckland.

Now, they were already on the project, which was put in place long before the new “Drink Champs” episode – but people still missed it on social media when they saw that Nelly actually brought Ashanti during her set… she had wrapped her up before a few hours.

Some speculate that this may have been a small move at Irv’s expense… and that may be true, especially when you hear Nelly’s latest joke about “floor seats” in the upcoming NBA game.

People could make it what they would, we suppose, but their time was definitely not wasted on people…although it may have come about in terms of time by chance.

One thing is clear from all this – Irv is definitely not on good terms with Ashanti at the moment, who was his standout artist for years in the 2000s. He says she asked for his legs under the guise of using them at live shows. , but he calls BS… and says no. 😬

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