“New Messi?”; journalist drops ‘bomb’ with value for hiring São Paulo and fans react on the web

In these days, São Paulo sent two signings: that of striker Nahuel Bustos, who has even been officially presented by Tricolor and has already trained with the team and that of defender Nahuel Ferraresi, who is already on the way, but awaits official confirmation and his arrival. in Brazil.

However, a ‘detail’ revealed by journalist César Luis Merlo, an expert in the South American ball market, stirred up São Paulo fans on the web this Saturday (6th). This is because César revealed that the amount set for the purchase of Nahuel Bustos, after the loan, it is 7 million pounds sterling, equivalent to around 43 million reais for 50% of the player’s pass.

Exclusive details of Nahuel Bustos’ arrival in São Paulo. Arrives by free loan until June 2023 and there will be a £7M call option for 50% of the economic rights“, revealed the journalist. The information fell like a ‘bomb’ on the SPFC fans who recently saw this value being advertised as the price of 100% of Bustos’ rights.

“R$ 43,000,000.00 for 50% at today’s values? Is it a new Messi?”, “It will only be a loan then kkkkkkk”, “São Paulo will return it before the time so as not to risk anything”, “I hope that the loan time is legal, because a purchase forgetssaid some of the netizens.

The official confirmation, coming directly from São Paulo, did not happen and is not expected either, but if these values ​​are confirmed, it is very difficult to imagine that somehow Tricolor manages to make the purchase of the player after his link.

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