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In the month of May to Alpha Films launched in YouTube O CHANNEL EBA!a new streaming that weekly brings several 100% free movies. The channel has several productions, aimed at the whole family, with comedies, dramas, adventures, police and horror.

Among the films present in the catalog are many productions that had their premieres in theaters such as “Us or Nothing in Paris“, “Encounter with Life”, “Best friends“, “Love is Strange“, “A Weekend in Paris“, “Ancient Sins, Long Shadows“, “What Men Say“, “Too late“, “a reunion“, “A Dream in India” (starring Brie Larson, from the movie “captain marvel“).

Also family movies”Crazy in Aladdin“, “Upa: My Favorite Monster“, “Saxony and the Magic Book“, “Dude, Where’s My Dog?“, “I shrunk the teacher” and the continuation “Where’s My Parents?“, and many others.

A novelty are the videos of the actor Pedro Nainewhich weekly presents the #EBA NEWS and #CINE EBA. On Mondays, EBA NEWS presents what’s happening at the world premieres and trivia about the filming and its actors. On Thursdays, #CINE EBA has tips on the main releases that are coming to the channel.

Even with the emergence of many streaming services in Brazil, we noticed that the Brazilian public seeks to consume movies, mostly in the dubbed version, and free. The Eba! channel came to meet this demand. We are preparing a selection of films with very varied genres, which will suit all tastes.“, explains Tina Alvarenga, one of the partners and creator of the channel.

In the coming weeks, the Eba channel! will bring the movies”Dinotopia“, “Talking to the Dead” and “On the Trail of the Bullet” (with star Paul Walker, of the franchise “Fast and furious”). So, don’t forget to subscribe to find out about new releases and access our films!



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