Pezzolano praises Machado, from Cruzeiro: ‘Athlete that every coach wants to have’

Machado became a trusted player
photo: Gustavo Aleixo/Cruzeiro

Machado became a trusted player for Pezzolano

Coach Paulo Pezzolano praised Cruzeiro’s Machado steering wheel eloquently. The celestial coach said that the versatile 26-year-old athlete has intensity and “hunger” to play football, in addition to being tactically applied.

“Machado is a player that any coach wants to have on the team. Machado is a player that you tell him what he has to do and he does it. And he does it in any position, he can play in any position, because he is very hungry, he has a lot of intensity and is applied tactically. Then, as every player can miss the pass, he gives himself, and that’s what the team always needs”, he said.

“Machado is one of the most important players I see in this squad, because he solves everything on the pitch. He doesn’t need to replace a player, he takes up space and does it quickly. I’m very happy with him, he trains a lot, he knows his weaknesses and their strengths, that’s the most important thing for anyone”, added the celestial coach.

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This season, Machado played 24 games with the shirt of cruise, collaborating with a goal and an assist. Today, he is the holder of the celestial midfield, alongside Neto Moura, but he has already played as a defender and full-back at times.

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