Selena Gomez delivers nostalgia and shoots: ‘It’s been a long time’

In conversation with the magazine she, Selena Gomez vented about his career and admitted to missing the full schedule of shows and performing on stage. It is worth noting that the singer’s last tour was in 2016, with the album “Revival”.

“I haven’t been able to perform for a long time. It’s been really, really hard because I feel so disconnected from people, but they keep me moving. Even when I’m having a hard time on tour, they definitely keep me moving and make me so happy, and I feel like I never know what I’ve done to deserve it, but I’m so lucky.” she revealed.

Selena Gomez vented about missing her tour performances (Photo: Reproduction)

In the conversation, Selena Gomez entered the discussion about competition between women in the artistic world. After praising Doja Cat, she admitted to having been very competitive throughout her life and generally had no control over it.

“When I was younger, I was terrible at it. Oh my God, I couldn’t control it. I compared myself to every person who ever existed for a while. I have no idea why. I think I just wanted to be someone other than myself.”

Obviously, I’ve worked a lot on myself, and that’s not necessarily what brings me down, but I have to say that I believe there is this new wave, a generation where it’s not about competing with another woman.“, said the singer.


Continuing, she returned to praise the work and lyrics of Doja Cat’s songs, which, according to her, conveys messages of female empowerment without any rivalry.

“I meet people like Doja Cat who is an artist and one of her songs, the whole thing is talking about how she encourages women and how she loves women and how they should be who they want to be. And I see a lot of people who are in my pop culture neighborhood, and that’s slowly changing. I feel it is. It’s been really nice to see.”

I only received support from women in the industry. I’ve never felt attacked or like I’m against anyone, so I’m very lucky. But when I was younger, that’s when people were a little meaner and more careless, so I think so, a little more when I was younger.” commented.

Meeting with Maisa

Recently, presenter Maisa Silva was thrilled to meet Selena Gomez at an event in Los Angeles, in the United States. On social media, the presenter shared a photo with the pop singer.

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