The young women who wrote a letter in blood and sentenced their father to life in prison

  • Geeta Pandey
  • From BBC News in Delhi

Lawyer Sanjay Sharma and Latika Bansal, the victim's eldest daughter

Credit, Sanjay Sharma

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Lawyer Sanjay Sharma and Latika Bansal, the victim’s eldest daughter

Six years after a teenage girl from India wrote a letter in her own blood asking for justice for her mother who was burned alive, the killer was punished.

Based on eyewitness accounts of Latika Bansal – now 21 – and her younger sister, a court sent their father, Manoj Bansal, to life imprisonment.

The girls told the court that the father used to beat the mother for “not giving birth to a child”.

Bansal denied the allegations and said his wife committed suicide.

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