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The fourth and final step of the rite of approval of the constitution and sale of Sociedade Anônima do Futebol (SAF) do Vasco takes place this Sunday, with the Extraordinary General Assembly (AGE) in which the partners will vote on the proposal of 777 Partners to acquire 70% of the club football. Despite numerous attempts to suspend the vote in theincluding this Saturday, at the moment there is no impediment for it to occur normally.

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Approval will be by simple majority, that is, 50% + 1 of the votes will define Vasco’s future. The expectation within the club is that the matter will pass with ease among the members, who have been expressing since the beginning of the process the desire to sell SAF to 777. With the “yes” from the members, the American group takes over football from this Monday.

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Vasco can complete the sale of the SAF to the 777 this Sunday — Photo: Rafael Ribeiro/

In recent months, several executives from 777 Partners visited Vasco in order to speed up the process, get to know the club’s structure and prepare the ground for the company to take over the SAF. This Sunday, however, members of the group will not be in Rio de Janeiro. There is still no date set for the arrival of the Americans, who are being represented in Brazil by Paulo Brackshired to be a kind of consultant in this transition period and future executive director of SAF.

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Voting will start at 10 am and will continue until 10 pm, in a hybrid way, with members being able to vote virtually or in person, at the headquarters of Calabouço, in downtown Rio de Janeiro. The list of those eligible to vote at the AGE has 6,385 members:

Members able to vote at Vasco’s AGE on 777’s proposal — Photo: Reproduction

Members who wish to vote remotely must wait for the receipt of the SMS and/or e-mail that will appear on the website for electronic voting and the access password, which will be sent this Sunday morning. Vasco estimates that the process of sending initial data may take between 10 and 30 minutes. Virtual voting will only start at 10 am.

Members who do not receive the information after 30 minutes of voting start time must take the following actions:

  • Check your email’s SPAM box
  • Contact Vasco’s Secretariat by phone: (21) 4007-1898 / Whatsapp: (21) 93300-2815
  • As a last resort, go to Calabouço Headquarters to vote in person

For the in-person vote, members must bring a valid official identification document (original with photo). This Sunday, the Headquarters of the Calabouço will be for the exclusive use of AGE. Therefore, members who are not on the voting list will not be able to access the site.

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Voting will end at 10 pm and, after the counting process, the result will be announced by the President of the General Assembly, Otto Carvalho, with a live broadcast by VascoTV.

What happened in the last few months?

The final act of the sale of SAF comes more than five months after the memorandum of understanding signed between Vasco and 777 Partners. Remember what happened since then:

Josh Wander, one of the owners of 777 Partners, visited Vasco in March

Josh Wander, one of the owners of 777 Partners, visited Vasco in March

The club starts the AGE day confident that the members, without complications, will be able to vote on the sale of SAF to 777 Partners. The last few days have been quite hectic in Vasco’s legal department, which has received several notifications that it has become a defendant in a new lawsuit filed at the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice with the aim of preventing this Sunday’s vote.

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Over the course of the week, there were 15 actions that somehow threatened the conclusion of the SAF approval rite, with eight of them being appealed and reaching the second instance.. All the injunctions requested were either denied by the judiciary or overturned by the club in the process, so that there is, at least at the moment, any decision in force that prevents the EGM from taking place.

There is still, however, a legal concern. This Friday, a group of members of the opposition filed a new appeal to try to prevent the holding of the vote this Sunday.

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