Volleyball coach suspected of raping athletes is investigated for at least five crimes in SC | volleyball

The volleyball coach accused of rape against athletes in São José, in Florianópolis, is being investigated for at least five crimes, said the Civil Police of Santa Catarina. These include rape of a vulnerable person and sexual harassment. Last Friday, André Testa went through a custody hearing and will remain in preventive detention.

The delegate responsible for the case, Marcela Sanae Goto, enumerated the crimes for which he can answer.

– He is being investigated for the crimes of rape of a vulnerable person and sexual harassment, article 232 of the ECA [Estatuto da Criança e do Adolescente], because he embarrassed the teenagers in front of other athletes; article 243 also of the ECA, because it provided drink [alcoólica] to teenagers; and article 344 [do Código Penal]which is coercion in the course of the process, because he started to coerce witnesses so that they would not come to provide clarifications in this police station – he said.

+ “It was my first time”, says volleyball coach victim

According to Goto, André Testa even pretended to be a delegate by simulating a statement with one of the athletes. The purpose was to ensure that he denies that the abuses took place.

Victims denounce volleyball coach for rape in SC

Victims denounce volleyball coach for rape in SC

+ Volleyball coach is arrested on suspicion of drunk and raping athletes

The complaints were made by young people from the Terra Firme Sports and Cultural Association. Victims reported that the trainer manipulated them to the point that they did not understand that crimes were taking place.

– He gains a lot of trust and ended up abusing me. I was a virgin at the time. It was my first time – reported one of the victims.

André Testa was a line judge at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics — Photo: Reproduction

The first complaint took place in May this year. According to investigations, the abuse took place in 2017, when the victim was still a minor. Then, three more athletes filed a police report. The most recent crime allegedly took place in April, police said.

+ Who is André Testa, volleyball coach arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse

– He had the same modus operandi: gconfidence, went out to restaurants and bars, provided alcoholic beverages to teenagers and, later, sexually abused them – reported the delegate.

The police said that the investigation continues and that there may be other victims, not only among athletes, but from other environments where the suspect circulated.

– New witnesses have already been identified and I believe that, with the arrest of the author, other victims can be encouraged and go to the police station to report the sexual abuse – he concluded.

André Testa’s defense stated that “pre-trial detention is inappropriate and illegal”.

* Joana Caldas, Juan Todescatt and Raphael Faraco are journalists at NSC TV.

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