We tested the new Bike Velocity, which takes lively spinning classes indoors – Vogue

Bike Exercise (Photo: Vogue Archive/ Pedro Napolinário)

We tested the new Bike Velocity, which takes the lively spinning classes indoors (Photo: Arquivo Vogue/ Pedro Napolinário)

It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t have a hard time fitting exercise into their daily running routine. Having a quick option at home to exercise on a busy day can be the practical alternative to not having to give up physical activity and being able to maintain healthy goals. It was thinking of offering precisely this practicality to its students, and following the trend of exercising indoors, which intensified during the pandemic, the Velocity Group, famous for lively bike classes indoorpresents the Bike Velocity, powered by Sweatify®which has a series of technologies that promise to transform the experience of spinning at home.

The idea of ​​the product is to offer an experience similar to what users have in network studios. On an integrated 15 or 21.5-inch screen, you can access the Sweatify app, created by Velocity, and watch over 1,000 recorded or live classes of 30, 35 or 45 minutes, in addition to interacting with teachers and students (including combining to participate in the same class as other friends who have the device) and track different metrics of your performance, such as power, speed, distance covered and even if you’re pedaling to the beat of the music. The team Vogue tested the novelty and we tell you below how the experience was!

Testing the new Bike Velocity

The first point worth mentioning about the product is that it is indeed compact, as described by the group, and comfortable. As it will occupy a space inside the users’ house, it is an issue that makes all the difference for those who do not have many square meters to allocate to this function. Another positive point is that the interactive screen interface, where the application containing the classes is accessed, is quite simple to use. In a few minutes, you can get familiar with it and start to understand how to navigate the app.

After adapting to the navigation, I chose a class and started to practice. The experience offered in the videos is very similar to that of Studios Velocity. Lively music (including the option to choose themed classes according to the musical style) and teachers with an encouraging speech throughout the training. The final stretch and relaxation typical of the program is also included in the recordings. If the first time I was still familiarizing myself with the equipment, from the second I had already understood how to use and understand the performance metrics.

Bike Velocity (Photo: Disclosure)

Bike Velocity, powered by Sweatify (Photo: Disclosure)

The main advantage of the bike is, without a doubt, the practicality of being able to train at home with technology and video lessons as an incentive. On several calendar days, when I wouldn’t be able to go to the gym (even if it was located within walking distance), the 30-minute class was chosen to guarantee the daily practice of exercise. On the occasions when I arrived very late from work and was also not in the mood to go out and exercise, I went to see the bike in the living room to scare away the laziness a little and keep the routine healthy.

For Studio Velocity fans (I consider myself one), with its dark atmosphere, music at the top and the company of other students in the same space – which gives a boost to the spirits –, the experience, although similar, is not the same , but it fulfills its function very well of offering practicality and very similar classes from the comfort of your own home, providing an alternative for when it is not possible to visit the place in person or for those who do not have a nearby unit. For me, I consider the device a great addition to the exercise routine.

Bike Velocity, powered by Sweatify® prices range from R$8,490 to R$9,990. For those who prefer, it is also possible to rent the equipment for a specific period and the rental price starts from R$ 499 per month. Bicycles can be purchased from the product’s official website.

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