Which of the social networks of the moment is more profitable?

Currently, many internet users wonder what is the best app to earn money and are in doubt between TikTok or Kwai, after all, these are the apps that have become more popular in recent times. Today we will tell you which one of these is more profitable and what you need to do to get some extra money.

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How do Kwai and TikTok work?

Kwai is a video app available for iPhone and Android in which you can create fun videos using effects, music and filters provided by Kwai. You can also share them on the platform or other networks.

TikTok, in turn, is also a social network focused on videos, but which has become a worldwide phenomenon, as it is considered the most downloaded app in the world in 2020. In it, you can view, comment, like, produce, share and repost videos of various types.

How to make money using TikTok and Kwai?

You need to know how to make money on these platforms, because only after that will you be able to assess which one is the most profitable for your specific case. Starting with Kwai, the main way to secure profits involves checking in daily in the app and also sharing the invite link.

In addition to these activities, Internet users earn Kwai Golds. It works like this: every 10 thousand Kwai Golds corresponds to R$ 1. Each activity in the application has a specific score. To withdraw the balance, subscribers must accumulate at least R$ 1.50.

In the case of TikTok, the process for generating income is very similar. Users earn money by accessing the app daily, producing content for the platform and sharing the referral link. When they go viral on the internet, it’s even better.

In general, for every 100,000 views on your videos, TikTok can pay you up to $3, and the payment for those who only watch the videos is $1 and $2 dollars for 25 minutes a day, but we’re talking about videos. pre-selected, so it doesn’t work for everyone. There must be this tag on them to generate the payment.

Which app is more profitable: TikTok or Kwai?

There is no absolute answer to this question, as the ways to make a profit in both applications are very similar and in both cases the amount of payments depends on the effort, dedication and engagement of each user.

On TikTok, for example, it’s better to make money through content production. On the other hand, on Kwai, profits depend more on daily check-in and invite link, so you should choose the social network that makes the most sense for your reality.

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