Woman feels sharp pain in foot whenever she has orgasm; understand rare condition – 08/07/2022

A 34-year-old woman from Vancouver, Canada, felt a sharp pain in her right foot every time she reached orgasm. After a long investigation, she was diagnosed with a painful condition called dysorgasmia, which can seriously affect a person’s sexual health and quality of life. The story was published in the medical journal sexual medicine.

In most cases, the dysorgasmia involves pain in the belly area, which are caused by pelvic floor muscles rapidly contracting and putting pressure on nearby nerves. Pain specifically in the foot is considered “extremely rare” by doctors.

understand the case

Married to a man, the woman decided to seek help when the pain was almost 5 months old. The discomfort appeared every time she felt orgasms —single or multiple — during intercourse or masturbation with a vibrator, for example. Prior to that, the patient had no history of pain during sex.

The woman was referred to a gynecologist, when several tests were performed. One of them, in the pelvis, did not detect anything wrong initially. When she saw a physical therapist, the patient did several exercises to test the tension of different nerves. It was at this time that they identified a “trapped nerve” in the region of the pelvis.

Then, ultrasounds revealed that her saphenous nerve, located in her leg, was trapped near the part that connects the oblique muscles, which are on the side of her abdomen, to her pelvis and groin. According to the study, this nerve was injured in a cesarean section three years earlier.

How was the treatment done?

With that, she was referred to a physical therapist who managed to treat the pain in three months with various exercises. But as the patient still related the sexual act with pain, the doctors suggested a couples therapy with a psychologist.

The team said the combination of physical therapy and sex therapy led to a full recovery. They wrote in the study: “With sex therapy, this motivated couple ended up with an improved sex life beyond their sexual state before the introduction of pain with orgasm.”

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