World jiu-jitsu champion, Leandro Lo is shot in the head during a show inside a club in the South Zone of SP | Sao Paulo

The jiu-jitsu world champion Leandro Pereira do Nascimento Lo, 32, was shot at a party inside the Clube Sírioin the neighborhood of Indianópolis, in the South Zone of São Paulo, at dawn this Sunday (7). According to the fighter’s lawyer, the athlete’s brain death has already been confirmed.

Leandro Lo was shot in the head after an argument during the pagode show inside the club.

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The author is identified and at large, but the police have not yet confirmed his name.

According to the family’s lawyer, Ivã Siqueira Junior, the victim had an argument with the boy and, to calm the situation, immobilized the man. After walking away, the attacker drew a gun and shot the fighter once in the head.

The lawyer says that, after the shooting, the author still kicked the victim twice on the ground and then fled.

The multi-champion of jiu-jitsu world, Leandro Lo. — Photo: Playback/Instagram

Few people heard the noise because the sound was loud due to the show.

A friend of the fighter who witnessed the crime said that the shooter was alone and provoked Lo and five friends, who were at a table.

“He arrived, took a bottle of liquor from our table. Lo just immobilized him to calm down. He took four or five steps and fired,” said the witness, who asked not to be named.

The athlete was rescued and taken to the Saboya Municipal Hospital, in Jabaquara, also in the South Zone of SP.

O g1 contacted the Municipal Health Department to confirm the fighter’s health status, but has not yet received a response until the last update of this report.

Post by Leandro Lo on social networks. — Photo: Playback/Instagram

Leandro Lo was jiu-jitsu world champion eight times. The last achievement, in the light heavyweight category, was in 2022, the first in 2012, in the light weight category.

On social media, he describes the two titles as “the two most important career achievements”.

“The first [título] it’s the feeling of being world champion, that was how I can still be world champion, the two best sensations of my life. Thank you everyone who is always with me in joy in sadness!”, he said in a post on social networks two months ago, when he remembered the anniversary of the world achievements.

Lo would compete in the US for another championship in the coming days, with four other fighters, according to a friend.

Leandro Lo disputes the jiu-jitsu world championship. — Photo: Playback/Instagram

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