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2022 prey introduced fans to the Feral Predator and the Comanche hunter Naru, who continue the tradition of reaching climax every predator movie with a 1-on-1 showdown. But one of the best things about movies is the memorable secondary characters that populate the story.

For every Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny Glover and Amber Midthunder, there are a handful of great characters whose bloody death, or glorious survival, brings meaning to the film. These beloved characters proved to be warriors and could undoubtedly have carried a predator film in its own right.

Before helping Din Djarin in the Mandalorian, the great Carl Weathers recruited a team led by Dutch Arnold Schwarzenegger for a mission in Val Verde. The iconic handshake between the two established them as muscular equals in the film’s opening moments.

Though Dillon deceives Dutch and his team, his actions are done for the greater good of his perspective. He takes responsibility for many vital aspects of the mission, such as escorting a hostage and following Mac into the jungle to fight the Predator. Though he doesn’t survive, he gets the best kill in predator and becomes a worthy trophy.

Nonetheless prey features many iconic Native American characters, fans will never forget the original. The Navajo tracker played by Sonny Landham is the first person to feel that something is wrong. He feels the Yautja in the trees and discovers that what is hunting them is not the man.

Billy is one of the most beloved characters in the franchise and what really takes him to the top in terms of main character energy is his badass final scene. After hearing the sound of Dillon’s death, Billy discards his vest and rifle and stands up to face the Predator. The music intensifies as he scarifies his own chest in what is arguably the most badass moment in the franchise.

After being Arnold Schwarzenegger’s breakfast in CommandBill Duke met with the actor in predator as an ally. His character Mac is the first person to clearly see Yautja’s outline during the film. One of Mac’s early highlights is the moment he saves Dillon from a scorpion, which he does with calm and poise.

But seeing his friend Blain’s body and the outline of the Predator marks a change in his character and gives him an interesting arc. It is at this moment that he begins the famous unloading of weapons in the jungle scene. He becomes obsessed with killing the Predator and runs after him into the jungle later in the film. His paranoia at this point perfectly encapsulates the action-horror tone of the film.

Keyes was involved in the Other Worldly Life Form program in the 1990s, as seen in predator 2. He was played by Gary Busey and his legacy lived on through Busey’s real-life son Jake. Jake played Peter’s son Sean Keyes in 2018 The predator and in audio logs Predator: Hunting Groundswhich expanded the father’s story.

The character could definitely have made his own film, as it provided the unique perspective of a government agent looking for the Yautjas. Determined and intelligent, he devised an ingenious trap for the Predator, though the cautious Yautja discovered the ruse. He fought valiantly to the end and saved Harrigan, who ended up killing the Predator.

Bill Paxton was an undeniable treasure. Portraying characters that were tough and comic relief in aliens and predator 2he remains a cult icon of ’80s action. twister proved that he could carry a supporting film, but unfortunately he left us too soon.

His character Jerry, known as the Lone Ranger, came to Los Angeles looking to add to his already considerable reputation. Though a bit silly at times, he has proven his usefulness on numerous occasions. He faced the Predator and didn’t back down, even when armed with nothing but a golf ball.

Alice Braga played the sniper Isabelle in 2011 predators. She and a group of strangers were kidnapped and thrown onto a game reserve planet, where they were hunted by three predators. The only minor character to survive the film, she reappeared in Predator: Hunting Grounds where his story was expanded through audio recordings.

It’s clear from the start that she is one of the smartest and most trusted members of the group. An excellent marksman, she saves her friends on more than one occasion. Isabelle is a rare example of a character with prior knowledge of the Yautja, and information from her proved absolutely vital in defeating the Predators.

Olivia Munn played a biologist brought in to study the Runaway Predator in 2018 The predator. She is the most grounded character in a movie filled with weirdos and punches above her weight class on multiple occasions.

Sometimes it feels like Bracket is the main character and she’s also the most relatable character in the movie. Despite not being a government agent, she takes responsibility for trying to stop the Predator from escaping the Stargazer. In the movie’s climactic battle, she helps defeat the Upgrade Predator with a bold and vital attack.

The young son of Boyd Holbrook’s Quinn McKenna, Rory becomes absolutely vital to the plot of The predator. Despite suffering from autism, he is remarkably observant and intelligent.

Upon receiving a box full of Predator equipment, he quickly understands the ins and outs of his computer. This results in the Upgrade Predator deeming him a true warrior and a worthy trophy. Rory’s understanding of Predator technology proved to be vital throughout the movie, including during the final fight with the Upgrade Predator.

Hilariously portrayed by Sterling K. Brown, Traeger is one of the most successful characters of 2018 The predator. Traeger was in charge of Project Stargazer, the successor organization to the OWLF. Ruthless and arrogant, he was one of the most villainous humans in the movies.

Like Peter Keyes, his position as the head of a government organization gives him a unique perspective that could have served as the main protagonist. His attitude and use of profanity made him both likable and hateful, and he has many memorable lines throughout the film.

Dakota Beavers played Taabe, the brother of protagonist Naru in 2022 prey. He was a fantastic hunter and one of the standout characters in the movie. Beavers excels as both an actor and an action star.

Taabe could easily have been the main hero of prey if things were a little different. He has all sorts of badass moments throughout the movie, and none more so than when he fights the Feral Predator near the end of the story, which is one of the most emotional scenes in the story. prey.

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