9 haircuts for round face

Mariana Ximenes has it, Giovanna Antonelli has it too. GKay, ditto. In the list of international celebrities are Selena Gomez, Gemma Chan, Lupita Nyongo, Mila Kunis, Kirsten Dunst. If you do a Google search for the best round face haircuts, you will find 990k! Anyone who has the width of the cheekbones almost equal to the length of the face needs to know that getting the hairstyle right is the secret to balancing the face.

“For starters, many old things that are no longer valid: whoever said that a round face can’t have bangs\/ It can, but it better not be straight”, warns hair stylist Marco Antonio de Biaggi, from MG Hair Design salon , in Sao Paulo.

Mariana Ximenes

Her cut is shaggy cut, totally disconnected, to use crumpled with a babyliss or with the tip stuck. “It’s a rock-in-roll hair, layered around the face. The bangs are also long and this layering and drying balance the round features”, analyzes Marco.

Gio Antonelli

Lívia (Giovanna Antonelli) in Daughters of Eva - Publicity/Globo - Publicity/Globo
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One of the tactics to balance a round face is to create angles in the haircut to elongate the face. “This short with bangs gives a charm, that thing that falls in the eye, puts behind the ear… It works very well for a wide face”, she says. The secret is quick drying and then rubbing your hand with ointment to make the bald spot go away. On the fringe, aerosol spray.

Selena Gomez

Frayed fringe, disconnected, with a modern finish. “In the case of a round face, it is better to avoid volume, unless it is modern, no volume”, says Marco.

Isis Valverde

Long and long layered cuts are also an option for this face shape — especially with soft waves that add volume.

Mila Kunis

It also works a lot of straight straight hair, which is done with a wide brush, then flat iron (this cut has a slight cut that also works). “The flat face comes in, frames the face, which balances the rounded face”, warns Marco.

Kirsten Dunst

A good style tip? Wear your hair combed to the side. Highlights are another ally of those with a round face, because they add dimension to the haircut and emphasize the layers – not to mention that it makes the skin look younger and luminous. “Here, Kirsten wears her bangs on the side — backwards hair is a lot of fun. The secret is to use a brush or curling iron, brush a lot and use gel to put it behind the ear. Put two tweezers and wait for it to dry. That way, it doesn’t fall forward. It looks nice “, teaches Mark.

Gemma Chan

“This is an undone look, an undone finish. A wider cut, a foot below the soap dish, with side bangs, looking like it has grown. The air of modernity is given by the quick curling iron (leave the ends out to give the modern look , of a woman who likes fashion). Then, brush well.

Lupita Nyongo

The important thing, in this case, is to show your face! “Afro hair on a round face can be twisted with a powerful wax (twisting the finger), have the root braid all the way back… There are many possibilities”, he says.


She has a wide face and chose a straight brushed bob. “She did a quick flat iron for the hair to have balance and get in the face. Notice that the cut has a slight cut only in the front. It’s a chanel without a toe”, concludes Marco.

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