A day in the life of Angela Merkel after power: total ‘deboism’

From the most powerful woman in the world and responsible for running the largest economy in Europe to another “crazy plant”: this is the new reality of Angela Merkel, who for 16 years held the position of chancellor of Germany.

Retired at the end of last year, the 68-year-old politician, succeeded by Olaf Scholz at the head of the German executive, has since spent his days taking care of the little garden he keeps on the terrace of his modest apartment on the fourth floor of a five-story building located in 6 Am Kupfergraben street in central Berlin.

Merkel resides in the property with her husband, Joachim Sauer, her constant companion in retirement. In fact, the couple adopted as another hobby in addition to the walks they usually do, always taking a nap after lunch – something unthinkable for her a year ago, when her last and certainly one of her government’s biggest challenges was to control the pandemic. of Covid-19 in German lands.

In a rare interview she recently gave during an event with Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Merkel said she doesn’t miss power at all and explained why.

“I am 68 years old and I have lived longer than I have left to live, so I need to think very carefully about what I should do from now on”, said the former head of state, who then added: “And I also have the peace of mind that knowing that everything that was my responsibility in the recent past is now in someone else’s hands. Stress me for what?”.

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