Ariatine accuses player Michel dos Santos of aggression

Six months pregnant with a girl, student Ariatine Menice, 23, accuses her ex-boyfriend Michel dos Santos, a Palmeiras youth player, of practicing domestic violence against her for a year. He denies the charges.

In an interview with universe, Ariatine said that she lived with Michel, who is 19 years old, until the end of June this year, when the most serious aggression would have taken place. She showed photos of the body with several bruises and scratches.

“He was already abusive from the beginning of the relationship, but I didn’t realize it. After I got pregnant, the situation got worse. After a month, he didn’t accept the pregnancy anymore. And he suffocated me in all the fights.”

The student also said that the neighbors of the apartment where they lived “heard the screams and called, but Michel said that everything was fine, that it was just a couple’s fight”.

On June 28, the argument began, according to Ariatine, because she was not doing well and wanted to go to the doctor, but he refused to take her. The student says that she thought she was going to die or lose the baby: “He pulled my hair, I even had a flaw. Then he kicked me, squeezed my arms”.

Ariatine registered two police reports against the player, in common police stations. universe confirmed the existence of the bulletins. the young woman also obtained a protective measure to prevent Michel from approaching her, which universe had access. For Mariana Serrano, the student’s lawyer, “any woman should have the right to go to a police station, talk about what she has suffered and be heard.”

Mariana points out that when the victim is pregnant, the case is considered even more serious, which can increase the punishment of the aggressor, if found guilty. In addition, the student would be entitled to a pension related to pregnancy food (applied to pregnant women), but the payment is not being made, according to her.

“The wounds on the body have healed, but my psychology is very shaken. With the pregnancy everything is fine, but it is
hard to remember the days I spent in that apartment. My daughter is giving me strength”, says Ariatine. She also adds: “I hope justice, for myself and for the others who had no voice. I’m grateful to be alive and to be exposing all of this, because so many women die in this situation.”

Other side

Wanted to comment on Ariatine’s statements, lawyer Welton Roberto, who represents the player Michel, argued that the photos of the student showing the bruises “maybe they are from the time she attacked her mother, who retaliated”.

According to him, the student only moved in with Michel because there is a report of this aggression registered in March of this year. universe did not get access to this BO “The mother threw her out of the house, and Michel took her in. Michel never attacked Ariatine”, he emphasizes. The student claims that the fight with her mother happened because she did not accept her daughter’s relationship with the athlete.

The lawyer also alleges that she broke the protective measure requested by herself, calling and texting the player. And she made an accusation: “She broke down his entire apartment and tore up all his clothes, including the training uniforms that are his work clothes.”

About the alimony of pregnancy, Welton Roberto says that the player will pay and would have already made an offer of value with which he can afford.

For the lawyer, Ariatine is lying. “Her social networks speak for themselves. Michel has never attacked her, and anyone who wants to just see the life she led.” He further states that he expects the neighbors to show up to testify.

The student’s lawyer refutes the arguments. “We are always the hysterics and never the victims. The sequels need to be taken seriously. We need to stop putting everything on the woman’s account, who is considered ‘the crazy one’. Belittling the victim doesn’t make her less a victim.”

Ariatine is currently living with relatives.

When hearing a woman cry for help, it is essential to call the police on 190, because a life could be at risk. Complaints can also be made through 180 (women’s service center) or Dial 100 (human rights violation). In some capitals, women also have the option of looking for the Casa da Mulher Brasileira to report violence and receive shelter.

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