BeReal: discover the social network that promotes life as it is

Who hasn’t found ‘artificial posts’ on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook? Whether with a person using filters or even editing photos to remove some imperfections from their face or the place where they clicked. To combat these things and promote life as it is, Alexis Barreyat and Kévin Perreau created BeReal (Be Real, in Portuguese) in 2020, in France.

Two years later, the social network begins to fall into the favor of users and, after being among the most downloaded applications on the App Store and Google Play Store, it is booming in the United States.


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But how does BeReal work?

The platform allows for a single daily post, but no video, editing or filters. As the intention is to avoid artificiality, users have up to two minutes to register what they want to show with two photos. The first one with the rear camera and a smaller one with the front camera.

The person can even take another photo if they don’t like the result, but everything needs to be done before the end of the two minutes.

“Every day, at different times, BeReal users receive a notification on their smartphones to take a picture and share exactly what they are doing at that moment”, explains the BeReal page on the Google Play Store.

BeReal notification
BeReal Notification. Image: Publicity/BeReal

No emojis!

Another cool thing is that the reactions are done with what the platform calls “RealMojis”. In other words, no emojis. User selfies are posted to show what they think of the content.

“BeReal is the first spontaneous and unpredictable platform where you can share, once a day, your most authentic moments with your friends through photos”, adds the social network.

RealMojis. Image: Publicity/BeReal

Want to stalk? So show a photo

Another peculiarity is for the famous stalkers (people who are looking at other people’s posts). At BeReal, to spy on what other users are doing, it is mandatory to show a photo of yourself.

Old posts are also removed whenever a new notification to publish is sent.

Show a photo.  BeReal
Show a photo. BeReal. Image: Publicity/BeReal

BeReal numbers

In total, there are already almost 3 million users worldwide with the social network app, and the growth of people in 2022 alone represents 400%.

Google Trends shows that the search for “BeReal” in the last 12 months has increased considerably since April of this year.

BeReal on Google Trends
BeReal on Google Trends. Image: Reproduction/Google Trends

On the other hand, it is worth remembering that apps like Snapchat and Clubhouse were successful for a certain period, but then lost strength.

It remains to be seen what will happen to BeReal in this increasingly less authentic world of social networks.

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