‘Carter’ is just an over-the-top, exhausting action movie

Cartera new South Korean action movie from Netflix, begins with its protagonist – whose name entitles the film – waking up in a bloodied room, completely without memories, with only a female voice in his head, which tells him that he must trust and obey her, otherwise he will die, already that there’s an explosive in your mouth. Escaping the room he woke up in, Carter finds himself in the midst of a pandemic that is turning humans into violent killers. His mission is clear: to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a doctor who discovered a vaccine for the virus and transport her safely to North Korea.

Carter takes the bloody and unbridled violence typical of the action genre to the nth degree. In fact, he deceives his viewer, as his first big action scene is extraordinarily well choreographed, the violence is extreme and very bloody – almost psychedelic – and the photography is also breathtaking. However, all indications of an excellent action movie left by this scene, fall apart, because of some highly questionable creative choices.

bizarre choices

The first of these is the bizarre and unsuccessful attempt to shoot the film in a way that looks like a one-shot, when it clearly isn’t, in addition to the cuts being extremely noticeable, despite being camouflaged. This almost incomprehensible choice brings another bizarre feature to the film: two hours of unrestrained, unending, and very exhausting action. It wouldn’t be a big exaggeration to say that the film has more bloodied bodies on the floor than words in its script.

Because of all this, something essential is missing from this film: a plot with substance. All in Carter it is superficial and poorly developed, including the plot and characters. While watching the movie, the viewer will find himself numerous times much more confused than the protagonist himself, simply not knowing what is going on. This is mainly due to the overuse of the double, triple, quadruple, etc., agent cliché.


Also, another exhausting aspect of the film is the excessive use of drone footage. In fact, the first scenes filmed using the technique were extremely exciting and interesting. However, its use too much made the film’s photography – a priori, a pleasant surprise – to become completely disappointing, superficial and even irritating.

So it’s not a mistake to say that action scenes are the biggest plus, but also the biggest downside of Carter. Undoubtedly, gorging the viewer with large combat scenes is a good method of mind-numbing entertainment. However, the film exaggerates even these parameters, making it extremely tiresome. Above all, lack of Carter a substantial plot, a coherent plot and well-developed characters. In other words, everything that characterizes a good movie.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

trailer of Carternew Netflix movie


Original title: Carter
Available in: Netflix
Direction: Byung-gil Jung
Road map: Byung-gil Jung and Byeong-sik Jung
Cast: Joo Won, Kim Bo-Min, Sung-Jae Lee, Mike Colter, Camilla Belle
Country: South Korea
Genre: action and suspense
Year: 2022
Parental rating: 18 years

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