Celebrities ‘like’ Johnny Depp’s post about trial

After the decision in favor of Johnny Depp in the lawsuit filed against Amber Heard, the actor promptly took to Instagram to publish an open letter in which he was happy with the victory. In season, several celebrities left their ‘like’ on the post in support of the actor, but some of them are turning back.

Throughout the process and the trial, celebrities from different corners of the world offered their views on the former couple’s turbulent plot from Hollywood. Depp sued Heard for US$ 50 million (R$ 240 million), and the actress of Aquaman (2018) was ordered to pay US$ 10 million (R$ 47.8 million) for data compensation and another US$ 350 thousand ( R$ 1.7 million) as a punitive measure.

Johnny Depp’s Instagram post quickly reached millions of likes – currently has more than 19 million likes— among them, those of famous singers and actors who showed support for the interpreter of Jack Sparrow.

But a few weeks after the verdict, some celebrities seem to remove support for Depp by removing the ‘like’ left on the post. A Twitter user, @k4mil1aacrossed a pre-existing list of celebrities who liked the post, compiled by users of the Reddit forum at the time, with the publication today.

Celebrities whose names previously appeared in the post but no longer appear include Elle Fanning, Bella Hadid, Orlando Bloom, Robert Downey Jr, Zoey Deutch, Sophie Turner and Joey King. The list also includes Jennifer Coolidge, Christina Hendricks, McKenna Grace, Riley Keough, Bruce Campbell and Sam Fender.

Musician Sam Fender was criticized at the time of the trial for publishing a photo with Johnny Depp in which he called the actor a hero. Subsequently, the publication was deleted and Fender went public to apologize for having released the image at the wrong time.

THE Discovery of ‘dislikes’ comes shortly after the opening of documents related to the case that could not be dealt with in court, which gave viewers new perspectives on the battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

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