Clube do Remo stumbles and draws with Aparecidense-GO

With Baenão full, Clube do Remo had everything to make the fans happy with a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon and a good result, but they disappointed their fans and now it will depend on the final round of Série C.

Playing at home, Leão Azul is in a 0-0 draw against Aparecidense-GO, this Sunday (7), in Belém. The game was worth the 18th round of the Campeonato Brasileiro Série C.


The game started with a scare for Remo: midfielder Anderson Uchoa had a blow to the head and the game was stopped for five minutes. The athlete ran the risk of being substituted, but decided to stay on the field and the crowd applauded.

Soon after, Leão took a risk: Bruno Alves cross and Brenner uses his head to intimidate goalkeeper Gabriel. Soon after, the archer from Goiás was crucial to prevent the submission of shirt 9 rerist.

Although ineffective at the beginning, Aparecidense-GO performed in two good plays at the end of the first half: first with Adriel who kicked in the cross and the ball deflected in the defense and then in Joãozinho’s kick that almost surprises the goalkeeper Zé Carlos.

The second half started with dominance by the Goianos, who with involving touches reached the attack in two dangerous moves. First in the cross that stopped in the hands of Zé Carlos and soon after, Alex Henrique received it alone in the area and kicked out.

The crowd decided to sing and Remo arrived at the top: rookie Soares crosses Brenner’s head and the defender appears before the ball goes to Camaleão’s goal.

From a cold game, the match became icy at 30 minutes when fans used flares and the game had to be interrupted for a few minutes. Soon after, a riot was formed in the stands of Baenão causing a new stoppage.

With the tie, Pará and Goiás reach 26 points gained with Remo in front for the goals scored. The duo may have Vitória-BA as an opponent, since the Bahia team plays soon against Mirassol-SP, away from home.

In the last round, Remo goes to Ribeirão Preto (SP), where they will face Botafogo-SP, while Aparecidense-GO hosts Botafogo-PB at home. The games will be next Saturday (13).

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