Covid outbreak forces more than 80,000 tourists to stay on Chinese island – News

More than 80,000 tourists are stranded on southern China’s Hainan island after authorities canceled all flights and train travel, because of a Covid outbreak. In the resort of Sanya, which is on the island and has more than 1 million inhabitants, almost 500 cases of Covid-19 were recorded this Sunday (7).

Hainan Island is known as “Chinese Hawaii”, and Sanya has become a very popular destination for surfers. With the suspension of air travel and sales of train tickets, to leave the island, tourists will have to present five tests of Covid-19, carried out in a period of seven days, informed the authorities.

To accommodate guests, hotels must offer a 50% discount on room rates until restrictions are lifted.

New health rules

The government of China announced this Sunday the reduction of the period of suspension of international flights carrying passengers with Covid-19, which indicates that, soon, there may be flexibility strict border controls.

If a flight arrives with five positive cases of Covid-19 on board, or 4% of total passengers, it will from now on face a one-week suspension, Caac, the Civil Aviation Administration, said in a statement.

Previously, if a plane carried five infected passengers, all flights by the airline responsible for the same route would be suspended for two weeks.

For flights with an 8% positivity rate, the flight restriction will last two weeks, according to Caac.

China is the only one among the world’s major economies that maintains “Covid zero” strategy, which includes strict confinements and extended quarantines. Much of the country’s borders have also remained closed since early 2020.

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