Diego Loureiro discloses that he will no longer go to Guarani and returns to Botafogo

The negotiation between Diego Loureiro and Guarani will no longer happen. At least that’s what the goalkeeper himself, who belongs to the Botafogo, guaranteed this Sunday. Through social networks, the 24-year-old athlete went public and said that he broke his bond with Bugre.

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The archer so far had been officially announced as a reinforcement of the Campinas team – he would be loaned by Glorioso until the end of Série B of the Brasileirão.

In a post on Instagram, Diego Loureiro said that factors that had been previously agreed with the Guarani board were not fulfilled.

In this way, he returns to being a Botafogo player and the contract with Guarani must be broken between the clubs. Glorioso’s intention remains to loan him to another team in order to give the player more shooting and playing time.


“I come through this note to clarify and position myself on my non-permanence at Guarani after disclosure, by the club, about my hiring.

I’m an athlete very committed to everything I’m willing to do, when I received the offer from Bugre I didn’t even think about not accepting it, it’s a great store of stars, with a wonderful crowd and that deserves to get out of the situation they are in.

Knowing the club’s intention to count on my service, I made sure I had reliable information about what has been happening at the club, about its structure and its planning for Serie B.

I heard a lot of good things, however some of these things already disappointed me before I even took the field: the terms agreed before my trip to Campinas changed completely when I arrived at the clubhouse.

Contract time, payment format and even the way in which remunerations would be made, were modified.

Through all this, I tried to solve everything in the best possible way, I tried to adjust the terms, I moved all my staff and my family, but I didn’t even get a response.

I’m sorry, because I really wanted to play for Brinco and help Guarani get out of this situation.

I appreciate all the affection I received in this little time through social media and I hope that things get better.”

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