do you agree? Daronco misses Hulk and praises Brazilian refereeing


The country’s main referee, Anderson Daronco spoke about whistle companions

In an interview, Anderson Daronco praised Brazilian refereeing
© Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images South AmericaIn an interview, Anderson Daronco praised Brazilian refereeing

Refereeing has never been more central to the country’s football debate than in recent months. With an excessive use of VAR and errors in the capital moves of the matches, the referees are at the center of a hurricane marked by criticism from several sides.

In an interview with Spectacular sport, Anderson Daronco, one of the main referees in the country, did not hesitate and praised the Brazilian refereeing.

“We don’t referee an easy championship. We have the best football in the world, so you can be sure that our refereeing is also part of the best in the world. Since our formation process, we are forged to deal with all this (behavior of players and pressure)”, said Daronco.

In the face of criticism, Brazilian referees are undergoing a period of training. The objective of the CBF is for professionals to improve their performance on the field.

“Refereeing is doing its part. We are trying to bring together criteria, training, which is what we need more often. But we also need others involved in this whole context to try to help. try to collaborate a little more. The referee is only good when the team won with that referee, when it lost it stopped being good. A mistake, when it’s in your favor, you shut up. When it’s against, it’s the worst thing in the world” , commented Daronco.

Controversy with Hulk and VAR

In the interview with Spectacular sport, Anderson Daronco refused to talk about the beef he had with the Hulk. The Atlético-MG striker accused the referee of threatening him during the match against São Paulo, for the Brazilian Championship.

If you didn’t want to talk about Hulk, the referee talked about VAR. In Daronco’s view, the lack of knowledge about the use of technology makes it difficult for fans to understand the tool.

“You can’t attack a tool that came to make football fairer. We realize that often the external environment of arbitration ends up asking questions about VAR, even out of ignorance. During its application, we noticed numerous debates, whether from fans, press or clubs, questioning the way in which the tool is used. But that will not change. It is the application that FIFA provides, the way FIFA wants it to be used comes from top to bottom. So we see that of ignorance, of collection”, concluded Daronco.

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