Do you know which is the biggest city in the world? We have more than one answer!

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I bet you must have already wondered what is the biggest city in the world. In fact, you probably already know her, especially from the movies. Well, the answer is simple: when we talk about area, the city is New York, but when it comes to population, it doesn’t even enter the TOP 30. Because of that, experts discuss what are the criteria that really define what would be the biggest city.

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What is the biggest city in the world? And how is it defined?

In addition to the issue of area and population, the cultural impact of a city on the rest of the world is an option to be considered. In these cases, the most well-known, such as London, New York and Tokyo would be the ones that stand out the most. After all, with the growth of some cities in the sense of density, it is expected that others will increase their population without expanding physical marking.

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However, when it comes to inhabitants, according to the World Population Review, no city comes close to Tokyo, Japan, which has around 37,435,191. Second place is New Delhi with approximately 29,399,141 people.

There is even an interesting issue when it comes to measuring the size of a municipality, since there are no universal rules to define what a city is or where it begins and ends.

The title Vatican City, for example, is the smallest country in the world and has a population of just 453 people and an area of ​​0.49 square kilometers.

Meanwhile, Ngerulmud, the capital of the Republic of Palau, in the western Pacific, has just 400 inhabitants, but an area of ​​466 square kilometers. Thus, even with an area much larger than that of the Vatican, it is still considered the least populous capital in the world.

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In addition, there are some discussions regarding how to calculate the geographic space of some regions, which makes agreements even more difficult.

Therefore, although there are many competitors in the market, even when we talk about megacities (those with more than 10 million inhabitants), there is no consensus on which is the largest.

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