Does Elon Musk’s Dad Have an Emerald Mine? understand the story

Although considered by many to be one of the most successful men in modern history, Elon Musk is still the subject of much criticism. In particular, a recurring complaint refers to the possible origins of his success: while the multibillionaire claims that his fortune is derived from years of study and hard work, critics point out that his family was already quite fortunate – and therefore, facilitated his memorable trajectory. .

And this context provides the basis for even greater questions. Like, for example, what made the Musk family so wealthy as to become so influential, yet still relatively low-key? For many netizens, the answer echoes in the hitherto-myth of a possible emerald mine, located in Zambia. Even with little evidence and being vehemently denied by Elon, the story still holds some credibility.

Emeralds, intrigues and millionaire fortunes

In practice, there is indeed an emerald mine in question — but not as many would expect. To understand the case, it is worth briefly recapping the history of the Musk family, since Elon’s birth in 1971.

In summary, according to the details disclosed in the Business Insider South Africa, Errol would have become a partner in the mining business in the “mid-1980s”, a few years after his divorce from Maye Musk — mother of Tesla’s CEO. At the time, he would have exchanged a plane estimated at US$ 80,000 for a fraction of the enterprise, something equivalent to about US$ 300,000, in direct conversion to current values.

Errol Musk, father of Elon Musk.  (Source: AFP / Reproduction)Errol Musk, father of Elon Musk. (Source: AFP / Reproduction)Source: AFP

However, in the young Musk’s version, the story is a little different and his career is not the fruit of his family’s supposed riches. According to a post on his Twitter account, Errol “never owned an emerald mine” and Elon “had to support himself through his college years,” going so far as to rack up $100,000 in debt — while working during the day and programming during the day. in the evening.

Following the tweet, Musk further clarifies that his father only provided “10% of a $200,000 angel investment fund, long after.” He still claims that his career began with his software startup Zip2, $2,000 and personal computers from the team — made up of Kimbal Musk, his brother, and his friend Greg Kouri.

Like father Like Son

On the other hand, the emerald mine might not have exactly been the heyday of the Musk family. In fact, Errol had already become a millionaire before he was even 30, thanks to his engineering businesses — which include building office buildings and even a local air force base. Despite their troubled relationship, Elon acknowledges his father’s efforts, “brilliant at engineering, even though he’s a horrible human being”.

Young Elon Musk.  (Source: Teslarati / Reproduction)Young Elon Musk. (Source: Teslarati / Reproduction)Source: Teslarati

The harsh opinion of Errol, shared by the rest of the family, may even corroborate the young Musk’s version. According to Maye’s account to the InsideHook, the patriarch was “physically, financially and emotionally manipulative and abusive” during their marriage which, in the end, left her in a situation far removed from the riches provided by an emerald mine. In this context, it is possible to infer the plausibility of Elon’s departure from “his heritage” and his subsequent independent career.

After all, did the Musk family really own an emerald mine?

Aside from the Musk family’s personal accounts, there is little other evidence that confirms ownership of the infamous emerald mine. However, it is also important to remember that Elon himself has already acknowledged the case in an interview with the Forbes still in 2014, now deleted, which directly contradicts his “future” tweets from 2019.

At the time, the billionaire was asked about his stance on fear. After defining that the possibility of a business failure affects him more than a physical threat, Elon contextualizes interviewer Jim Clash with an anecdote: “This is going to sound a little crazy, but my father also had a partnership in an emerald mine in Zambia,” he says.

Elon Musk, in 2014. (Source: CBS / Reproduction)Elon Musk, in 2014. (Source: CBS / Reproduction)Source: CBS

Soon after, Musk tells how he boarded a clandestine plane, full of contraband and weapons with an illegal passport: “I was 15 and I really wanted to go with him. [para a mina]but I didn’t realize how dangerous it was.” The full interview can be accessed through the tool WebArchive, on this link.

Regardless of the versions told, it is a fact that the relationship between Elon and Errol Musk is not on good terms. While the father says he is not proud of his successor, the son points out that his father’s reports are not reliable – according to Ashlee Vance in her book Elon Musk”.

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