Eating with your mouth open can be tastier, see!

Most people were taught to eat with their mouths closed, most of the time, there was even a reprimand if they didn’t do it, the act being considered impolite. So while talking while eating might be considered a faux pas, eating with your mouth open is a different story altogether. The idea of ​​eating with your mouth open is gaining traction even in the high-education halls of Oxford, England, as researchers examine methods for approaching the table from new angles. To better understand how eating with your mouth open can make food tastier, be sure to check out the full article!

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Study shows that eating with your mouth open can make food tastier

Professor Charles Spence, an experimental psychologist, told The Telegraph that people are seriously mistaken to close their mouths to eat food politely. There are some very compelling scientific reasons to believe him. Check out what they are below.

understand the reasons

According to the scientist’s explanation, some foods contain bulky organic compounds that give our meals attractive flavors and aromas. These compounds are released when we eat vegetables, fruits and meats, producing a stimulating sensation. However, chewing with your mouth closed when you eat releases less of these compounds, says Spence.

On the other hand, eating with your mouth open allows more aromatic compounds to reach behind your nose and activate olfactory sensory neurons. Simply put, what he calls “jaw-dropping” improves the flavor of our food.

And that’s not all! The teacher also emphasizes how everyone loves loud and spicy foods like potato chips, crackers, carrots and apples. This makes sense according to scientific explanation, after all, the louder the noise of the food while chewing, the better. The rationale for this stems from the fact that there is an increase in taste sensations when this happens.

So when eating, don’t worry about old-fashioned etiquette and relax your jaw more when eating. Thus, you will be able to taste the food in an intensified way. However, if you still can’t let go of the tags while out in public, try adopting this practice when you’re at home alone and enjoy the taste more at ease.

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