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Since Sunday (13), when the traditional award ceremony took place BAFTA (British Academy Film Awards)the name of the actress Emma Watson has been on the rise on social media. The star, who turns 32 next month, has previously taken a stand against the transphobic comments of J.K. Rowling, author of the saga “Harry Potter”and stabbed the writer again during the award ceremony.

Upon being invited to the stage to present the category of “Outstanding British Film”, the main presenter of the awards, Rebel Wilson, quoted that Emma likes to be presented as a feminist, but everyone knows she is a witch.” When occupying the pulpit, the actress commented that “was there for all the witches, by the way.” what was seen by many as a sting to the transphobia of J.K. Rowling, that doesn’t see women cis and women trans on an equal level.

It didn’t take long for the talk of Watson generated great repercussions on social networks, and despite having received a lot of support from fans who believe that J.K. Rowling is wrong to be transphobicthe actress has also received scathing criticism about her talent and relationship with the writer.

JK Rowling fans have criticized Emma Watson

Emma Watson |  After pinning JK Rowling's transphobia, actress receives wave of hate on the internet
Even Watson’s career and talent have been questioned by JK Rowling fans (Image: Reproduction/Metro).

Since Sunday night, Emma Watson has faced a strong wave of hatred from those who do not consider J.K. Rowling be wrong in your opinions. Most of the criticisms concern the actress work and an alleged debt she owed to the author. Check out some comments:

“Emma Watson would be working at a Burger King somewhere in Leeds or something if not for JK Rowling. Enough!”

“JK Rowling has already made history and secured her legacy. She is bright, smart, talented and successful. She will be remembered forever. Emma Watson will only be a footnote. Not even that.”

“What has Emma Watson done since Harry Potter other than that embarrassing, forgettable live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast? It’s not a strong foundation to launch an unwarranted and bad attack on JK Rowling – talk about biting the hand that fed her.”

Despite the attacks, Emma has also received support.

Despite the hatred, the “Harry Potter” actress has also received support (Image: Reproduction/Twitter).

Despite the numerous attacks on his career and the way he pinned J.K. Rowling for your transphobia, Emma Watson has also received a lot of support from the fans, who attribute the actress’ success to her talent and highlight her courage in opposing the writer. Check out some reactions:

“Emma Watson owes her career to no one more than herself. Talent is talent, and people saying she owes Rowling everything know nothing about the industry and are just nervous because she said something flattering about her idol”

“’Emma Watson needs to shut up because she owes her career to JK Rowling’ is like crazy taking over the MeToo movement. Wasn’t that whole rant about actresses being silenced by whom they ‘owed’ something for their success? Why would you encourage that dynamic now?”

“Many people think Emma Watson owes allegiance to JK Rowling in some way. Interesting thought. So if JK exposed herself as a colossal racist, would you be asking Emma not to criticize her then? Or is it just for being anti-trans that she gets a bigotry pass for you?”

“Emma Watson is a queen for that.”

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And you, what did you think of the actress’ comment about the author’s transphobia? Harry Potter“? Did you like your positioning during the BAFTA? Share your opinions with us on social media, and for more information about the actress and her work, stay tuned here on About Sagas!

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