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Fortaleza launched a Father’s Day commemorative shirt last Saturday (6th) and earned around R$ 300,000 in eight hours with the sale of 1,410 units, about three shirts per minute.

The uniform was used in the 3-0 victory against Internacional, for the 21st round of the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A. Lucas Crispim, Hércules and Robson scored Leão’s goals at Arena Castelão.

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The shirt brings the memory of the brave team from 1997. In 2022, it’s 25 years of this shirt, which marked that year for its different style. A new shipment will be marketed.

Hercules, Fortaleza x Internacional, celebration — Photo: Kid Júnior/SVM

– The new Father’s Day uniform has modernized features, with new technologies. We hope that this re-reading pleases the fans – comments Bruno Bayma, Project Manager at Leão 1918.

Leão 1918 has been in existence for five years and has 14 stores spread across Fortaleza and the Metropolitan Region, in addition to e-commerce, the private label is one of the biggest revenues for the club’s coffers.

Lucas Crispim, Fortaleza — Photo: Mateus Lotif/Fortaleza

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