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Coach Gerson Gusmão analyzed Remo’s situation after the goalless draw with Aparecidense, this Sunday, the 7th, at Baenão, for the 18th round of Series C. The result kept the team in 8th place, now with 26 points.

However, the Azulino team is going in search of classification in the last round playing away from home, against Botafogo-SP, which is in 5th position. To make it difficult, Remo has three teams below that are on the tail, and Vitória and Aparecidense decide at home.

“Now things have gotten more difficult. We need the win away from home. Depending on the results of the round, we’ll see if the victory will be enough. Understand that the need is now the last game. We have to risk everything, because only a victory allows us to qualify – comments the coach.

Remo x Aparecidense, Série C — Photo: Cristino Martins/O Liberal

A very bad result, all disappointed. We understand the fan, the charge. It was a game we needed to win to stay within the G8. We knew it was going to be difficult, as we faced a competitor for the spot.

— Gerson Gusmão, Remo coach

For Gusmão, the need to win to advance the classification may have hampered the team’s performance in the match against the Goiás team. The blue coach also emphasized that he is to blame for the underwhelming performance.

– In some moments of the game, anxiety and the need to get the result ends up getting in the way. We even managed to create more today, to be more offensive. The ball did not enter and this ends up generating greater anxiety. It contributes. The strategy, especially in the first half, did not work. It’s the coach’s fault.

For the decisive game against Botafogo-SP, Gerson Gusmão did not rule out making new changes in the starting lineup. He points out that he will analyze the squad and if he realizes that some athletes are feeling the pressure, he will make changes.

– If we understand that the moment of collection and the need for the result is hindering the performance of some players, we will change and put those players who will not feel this pressure so much. Let’s get that victory. It’s the last game of the first phase and we have to look for the result, there’s no other way.

Remo x Aparecidense, Série C — Photo: Cristino Martins/O Liberal

The last round of the first phase of Serie C will be played next Saturday, simultaneously at 17:00. Remo will face Botafogo-SP at Santa Cruz Stadium, in Ribeirão Preto, in the interior of São Paulo.

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