Gillian Anderson will be Elle Fanning’s mother on ‘The Great’

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Actress Gillian Anderson will continue her phase of playing powerful women. After playing Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in “The Crown”, she will play Joanna, the mother of Russian Empress Catherine (or Catherine, in English) in season 2 of the series “The Great”.

In the series, Joanna is described as a glamorous socialite known as the “master of marriage” for her ability to arrange powerful marriages for her daughters. After hearing rumors about her daughter’s scam, she travels to Russia to see for herself. While she is a loving mother and Catarina loves her, Joanna may also have more sinister motives behind the trip.

Elle Fanning (“20th Century Women”) plays Empress Catherine II, known to history as “The Great” for the accomplishments of her reign, which lasted from 1762 to 1796. The plot takes place before her accession, showing her as “an idealistic and romantic young woman who arrives in Russia for an arranged marriage to Emperor Peter. Hoping for love, she finds a dangerous and depraved world that she decides to change. All she needs to do is kill her husband, bring down the church, deceive the military and conquer the court”.

The cast also highlights Nicholas Hoult (“X-Men: Dark Phoenix”) as Tsar Peter III, Emperor of Russia.

The Hulu series is distinguished from other similar productions by the ironic tone of humor that is the hallmark of its creator, Tony McNamara, nominated for an Oscar for the screenplay of “The Favourite” (2018) – by the way, another attraction about an 18th century monarch. .

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