How to restore and reshape the eyebrow, according to experts

Thin, thick, short, elongated, pigmented, well filled or arched. Regardless of the type of eyebrows you have, experts always recommend taking care of the health of the wires and their maintenance, so that there is harmony throughout the face.

Are you looking to restore and reshape your eyebrows or try to get their previous shape back? Check out, below, professional tips on how to grow, trim and shape your hair, according to Allure magazine:

My eyebrows are too thin. How to proceed?

1. Stop “poking”
If you made a mistake when using the tweezers to “prune” your eyebrows, understand that it takes from three months to a year to see a real change. “The first week is the most difficult. It looks like the hairs are mocking you,” said Ramy Gafni, a famous eyebrow expert in New York. “But if you leave them alone, those random little hairs will eventually form a full brow,” he added.

Woman's eye and eyebrow
Keep the tweezers out of the field of view

If you have a strand growing at an awkward angle, cut it with scissors rather than pulling it out with tweezers. And to resist the urge to do that tweezer trim, hide it from yourself. “If you can’t pick up the tweezers right away, the plucking sensation will pass,” suggested makeup artist and brow professional Maribeth Madron.

The only exemption from this habit is when you start to “sprout” hair between your eyebrows. But to make sure you’re not pulling too hard, the make-up artist recommends placing your index finger in place and drawing a line on each side with an eyeliner pencil.

Meikki Inox Straight Eyebrow Scissors - R$ 22.68
Meikki Inox Straight Eyebrow Scissors – BRL 22.68

Remove your finger and just pluck the hairs that are left between these two lines. “You don’t want to remove too much hair from the inner corners,” cautioned Maribeth Madron. “It’s very difficult to get hair to grow back in these spots, so I always ‘mistake’ with caution,” she added.

2. Makeup, yes!
During the growth process, eyebrows will go through a “problem” phase. At these times, makeup will be a great ally. “If your brows are in good shape, but you’re filling in holes, pencils and shadows are better,” gave the trick.

Maybelline Express Brow Satin Duo 2-in-1 Pencil + Powder - R$ 57.32
Maybelline Express Brow Satin Duo 2-in-1 Pencil + Powder – R$ 57.32

However, if you want to paint the area covering all the irregular new growth within the lines, opt for a colored brow gel or a stick with a brush and pigmented wax.


In terms of color, use a shade or two lighter than your natural strands if you are dark. If it’s blonde, try the taupe color. Ramy Gafni advised doing short, angled movements in the direction of hair growth to reinforce bald spots. But stay within the natural line. “Never create a bow with makeup,” warned the expert. “Even the right tone can seem obvious. Your bone structure should create the arch for you.”

3. Hair supplement
Another very useful tool is an eyebrow conditioner. The product helps to speed up the hair growth process. Maribeth Madron mentioned RevitaBrow Eyebrow Conditioner, a serum rich in peptides and vitamins that helps strengthen hair and prevents breakage and loss.

RevitaBrow Eyebrow Conditioner
RevitaBrow Eyebrow Conditioner – $58

But one type of conditioner doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. “You may need to try different products with different active ingredients,” said the makeup artist.

Talika Eyebrow Lipocils Expert - R$ 289.71
Talika Eyebrow Lipocils Expert – BRL 289.71

My eyebrows are way too full. How to proceed?

1. Make a separation
Own full brows but would you like a thinner, more arched design? It is possible. “Strong eyebrows need to have shape and separation,” opined Kristie Streicher, a brow specialist in Beverly Hills. “Otherwise, they’ll overwhelm your face,” she continued.

To create separation between them, hold a pencil vertically from the outer edge of the nostril to the eyebrows to determine where each should start.

Woman's face
My eyebrows are way too full. How to proceed?

2. Pass the scissors
Trimming the size of the strands with scissors does not mean removing the volume. Then comb them upwards with a special brush and then cut only the longest hairs with eyebrow scissors, staggering the length as you go. Finish with an eyebrow gel.

Benefit Cosmetics 24hr Brow Setter Mini Gel for Eyebrows - R$ 98.90
Benefit Cosmetics 24hr Brow Setter Mini Gel for Brows – R$ 98.90

3. Model without error
Define the arch (highest point of the eyebrow) and don’t pluck too much hair from the tips, as very short eyebrows age the face as the tips get thinner as time goes on, according to Kristie Streicher. “It’s a sin to shorten beautiful, long eyebrows,” cried Joey Healy, another renowned eyebrow professional in New York.

My eyebrows are shaped like commas. How to proceed?

Comma eyebrows, basically, were made by removing the wires just under the arches and at the ends, creating an effect similar to the shape of the comma. But it is possible to achieve balance by filling in the tail of the drawing. “Taking the weight off the front will make the ends look thicker,” suggested Eliza Petrescu, who also serves as an expert in the field in the Big Apple.

This can be done by lightly filling in with a spot-specific pencil, concentrating the color on the sparser tails.

Woman doing another woman's eyebrow
Learn tricks to make your brows even better

My eyebrows look “angry”. How to proceed?

‘Brave eyebrows’ look like an upside-down ‘v’. This format can make you look perpetually crazy.”

1. smooth
For a more “friendly” effect, remove some hair from the top of the bow. “Forget the old rule that you should never pluck above your brow,” said Tonya Crooks, founder of The Brow Gal in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. You can also lightly fill the area directly below the location to smooth out the angularity.

Woman combing her eyebrows
To ensure a more “friendly” effect, remove some hairs from the top of the bow

2. Focus on the front
Another trick is to comb the inner half of your eyebrows and trim any hairs that extend too far, leaving the other half intact. These front strands can be too long and make the result look thicker than after trimming.

My eyebrows are flawed. How to proceed?

1. Change the focus
An interesting technique is to take the focus off the region, either by adhering to the fringes or applying a vibrant lipstick so that the attention does not come to this area above the eyes. And avoid using eyeliner. “Using liquid eyeliner with strong edges during the growth phase is not a good idea: the sharp lines direct the eyes directly to the gapped brows,” recommended Maribeth Madron.

Makeup woman face
Use a vibrant lipstick to defocus your brows

2. Dye
For the specialist, coloring the wires is a “life change”. “It really helped grow my eyebrows because it adds volume to all those fine hairs,” she declared. Madron indicated going to a professional, rather than trying to do this at home, to ensure the proper tone.

Now that the eyebrows have grown back…

1. Set the format
After waiting approximately four months, your eyebrows are already big and waiting for the necessary care. The ideal, first, is to seek assistance with a specialized professional. However, if you prefer to do it yourself, Maribeth Madron stressed the importance of good lighting. “You should be ahead of direct natural light if possible. Ceiling lighting creates shadows, which obscure your view,” she commented.

Another suggestion is to look at photos from before the eyebrow reshaping, to determine the perfect design, and assess the shape of your face. “It’s all about balance,” said the makeup artist.

Man combing his eyebrows
Assess your face shape

“If you have small, delicate features like Kirsten Dunst, Winona Ryder or Halle Berry, your eyebrows shouldn’t be too big. If you have big features like Keira Knightley or Sofia Vergara, on the other hand, your eyebrows might be bigger.”

Also, the professional mentioned that, if the person has a long or rectangular face, it can make it look shorter or more proportional with a straighter and flatter eyebrow. Thick eyebrows can unbalance a heart-shaped face. Likewise, they can overwhelm a small face. “These face types look great with well-groomed brows that aren’t too thick and not too thin,” she added.

redhead woman face
Review photos from before eyebrow reshaping to determine the perfect design

On the other hand, individuals with a square jaw can opt for a thick, heavy brow in order to balance the upper half of the face, making it match the lower half. If you have a diamond face shape, curved eyebrows can decrease the angularity of your face.

If you can’t identify which type of design is best for your face, try soft, angled brows as they look beautiful in every way.

2. Clean up excess
It’s time to remove the extra hairs that are “going silly” around. But before you start plucking them out, outline the desired shape with a makeup pencil. Get very close to the mirror and, using tweezers, remove only what is outside the lines. Then clean the scribble to see the results.

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