‘Komi Can’t Communicate’ Season 2 Trailer Revealed

Komi Can’t Communicate has finally released the first trailer for season two!

‘Komi Can’t Communicate’ Season 2 Trailer Revealed

The first season of the series was one of the biggest premieres of the past year, and fans of Hitohito Oda’s original manga series finally got to see it come to life.

It was such a success that it was no surprise to see that a second season was already in the works. With the first season introducing fans to the shy Shoko Komi as she sets her goal of making 100 friends, the second season will introduce new characters to the plot.

If it’s similar to the first, we hope it comes subtitled and only gets a dub later.
Anyway, now you can check out the first trailer for the second season of Komi Can’t Communicate. Check out:

Ayumu Watanabe is in charge of the anime, which is being produced by the OLM studio. Already in the direction is Kazuki Kawagoe, who will have the support of the screenwriter Deko Akao, and the designer Atsuko Nakajima.

“Komi Can’t Communicate follows young Komi, a beautiful and intelligent teenager who has great difficulty making friends and connecting with people. With the help of her only friend, Tadano, she decides to expand her horizons and try to create new friendships. So Komi sets an ambitious goal: to make 100 friends by the end of the year. Gradually, she manages to lose her shyness and meet great people.”

The series premieres on April 6 in Japan, however Netflix announced today (17) that the world premiere will be on the 27th of the same month.

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