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Loggi, a parcel delivery company, joined the list of startups that have been cutting their staff amid a challenging scenario for the sector. The company laid off this Monday (8) 15% of its approximately 3,600 workers, according to information published by the newspaper ‘O Estado de S.Paulo’ and confirmed by Loggi to the g1.

In a statement, the company says that the measure “is part of a set of actions to increase operational efficiency taken in the last six months to adapt the company to the new global scenario and ensure the sustainability of the business”.

The company also says that those laid off received a benefit package “which includes cost aid for hiring a health plan for holders and dependents, psychological assistance and support in the process of professional replacement”.

Loggi app Motoboy — Photo: Reproduction/Facebook/Loggi

Since April, at least 10 startups have cut their headcount. These layoffs come after a growth boom in recent years, particularly during the height of the pandemic, which prompted investors to release high values ​​for companies. Loggi itself, in 2021, announced a fundraising of R$ 1.15 billion.

However, experts point to a scenario of caution on the part of investors in the face of current economic challenges in the global context, such as inflation, high interest rates, drop in consumption, in addition to the decrease in demand for technology services with the end of social isolation.

In general, startups justify layoffs with adjustments, reorganization or changes in priorities.

With fewer resources to finance new growth cycles, companies ended up opting for a change in direction that includes project review and cost containment, which includes staff cuts. And, at least for now, prioritizing the pace of growth seems to be being replaced by a focus on sustainable results.

Among the companies that promoted cuts are Empiricus, Grupo 2TM, Favo, VTEX, Olist, Pay Pal, QuintoAndar, Loft, Facily and Kavak.

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