Man sees brother falling from roof and grabs him to avoid tragedy

A young man fell from the roof of a house and escaped a serious accident thanks to the help of his older brother.

According to India Today, the incident happened last week in Malappuram, India. A man was cleaning the terrace of the house where he lives, when he suddenly slipped and fell from the structure.

Security camera footage shows the moment the younger brother, identified as Shafiq, lost his balance and fell off the terrace.

His older brother, Sadiq, was downstairs, using a hose to spray water on the terrace, when he noticed Shafiq in danger. He threw the hose and quickly sprang into action, reaching out to break his brother’s fall. Thanks to his agility, Sadiq was able to catch him before he hit the ground.

The video shows the two falling to the ground from the force of the impact. Sadiq hit his head on the ground as he grabbed Shafiq and was bewildered for a few moments. As the older brother stands up almost immediately, the younger brother is seen holding one of his arms, apparently injured in the incident.

The recording of the episode was shared on social media and many netizens applauded Sadiq’s quick reflexes that saved his younger brother.

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