Margot Robbie would be furious with the casting of Lay Gaga in the role of Harley Quinn: “a joke”

Last Thursday (4), the singer and actress Lady Gaga was announced as the new harlequin from the second Joker movie with the actor Joaquin Phoenix.

While many fans cheered, a Hollywood insider claimed that the actress Margot Robbiewho has played the character in DC productions since 2016, would not have been pleased to hear about it.

To the British magazine OK!, he stated:

“Lady Gaga playing Harley Quinn instead of Margot Robbie in the sequel to joker it’s a joke. Every real actor in Hollywood should be nervous about being replaced by some pop culture phenomenon who hasn’t worked hard for it yet.”

A friend of Margot Robbie’s, however, stated that she would not be upset, but rather offended by the choice.

Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born (Reproduction)

“Margot isn’t mad about that choice; she is offended. This isn’t about casting the most talented person in the role, it’s about casting someone who’s going to get the most attention in the press.”

The film is expected to be a musical and is slated to hit theaters in 2024; and rumors that Gaga could play Harley Quinn were already circulating on social media since the month of June.

Margot Robbie played Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad (2016), Birds of Prey: Harley Quinn and her Fantabulous Emancipation (2020) and The Suicide Squad (2021). The actress will still be back as the character in the film Gotham mermaids.

More about the film and the casting

In June, the director of joker shared a photo on his Instagram, which showed actor Joaquín Phoenix reading the end of the film, which is titled Folie à Deux.

Soon after, rumors began to surface about Gaga being in talks to be part of the film supposedly as Harley Quinn.

She is a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum who is so fascinated by the Joker that she decides to team up with him and becomes the dangerous outlaw she is.

The character first appeared in the 1992 Batman cartoon, and then was adapted into comics and then film.

The title of the sequel, folie à deuxrefers to a rare syndrome defined by the sharing of psychotic symptoms between two or more individuals.

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