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“Carter”: Netflix’s violent Korean movie that is winning over viewers

The action story includes scenes of fights and chases. It focuses on a lethal virus that raises tension between the two Koreas.

Joo Won is the lead actor.

it’s called “Carter”, is a new South Korean movie from Netflix and is massively conquering Portuguese viewers. It premiered on Friday, August 5th on the streaming platform. And it quickly reached the top 10 of trends — at the moment it occupies the second place in the list of films.

Directed by Byung-gil Jung, it is a production almost completely based on action sequences, with scenes of fights and constant chases. The highly choreographed and technically flawless fight moments are being highly praised by international critics. However, the same critics point out that “Carter” relies too much on these scenes, relegating the narrative to the background.

The plot follows a viral epidemic that is spreading across both Koreas. Infection with the DMZ virus leaves victims behaving like animals and erratically — which makes them dangerous. The two states are working together on a solution to the problem.

The aim is to develop an antibody-based treatment using the blood of Ha-na, the daughter of specialist doctor Jung, who managed to cure her thanks to her elaborate scientific research. However, father and daughter disappear during a transfer procedure to North Korea.

The idea would be for Jung to deepen his research and contribute to mass-producing a solution for the virus at the Sinuiju Chemical Weapons Institute. There are hundreds of people in quarantine. And this is the context that brings us to Carter, the protagonist of this story.

Carter wakes up in a bloodied hotel room, with no memory of what happened, and with a voice in his ear giving him instructions. You are assigned a mission. He will have to find Ha-na and transport her to the secure facility where the scientific research that could solve the crisis is taking place.

What lies ahead is not exactly a smooth ride. Carter has an explosive implanted in his tooth that forces him to follow certain orders, he doesn’t know if he can trust the girl he eventually discovers, and there are hundreds of agents from various government agencies after him.

Between punches, kicks, stabs or shots, you will have to survive. The film has been described as ultra-violent and highly stylized, with acrobatic camera movements that make the experience more immersive and sensory for the viewer.

There are motorcycle chases, car chases or explosions with planes. There are scenes that evoke the classic “Indiana Jones” and even infected people that will remind the imagination of a zombie apocalypse. It’s more than two hours of action.

The cast includes names like Joo Won (which fans may know from “Good Doctor”), Sung-Jae Lee, Mike Colter or Camilla Bellebetween others.

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