Nokia ‘brick’ is back: Meet the new versions!

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When talking about classic cell phones, the Nokia Brick You can’t stay out, can you? For the joy of many nostalgic fans, the model will be back on the markets, but now with some reformulations. Among them, the Nokia 8210 4G, as it is called, will have 4G connectivity, 128 MB of storage and a 1,450 mA battery.

However, it has a very small screen compared to the current market. See more below about and around Nokia brick.

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Nokia 2660 Flip and Nokia 8210 4G
Nokia 2660 Flip and Nokia 8210 4G

Presented in August of this year in the United States, the announcement of the return of the “brick” was accompanied by much celebration by the fans of the brand. In addition, the launch of the Nokia 2660 Flip was announced, a device with the same shell format as the cell phones that became popular in the 2000s. In addition, like the 8210, it will have the possibility of memory expansion with a microSD card.

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In the case of the 2660 Flip, it will have an extra large screen on the outside, which can make its usability a little easier. Through it, its owner may have some basic information, such as time and date. For those looking for other features, both models have a Bluetooth 5.0 connection, compatibility for MP3 files and FM radio. According to the brand, the brick has a suggested price of 79 euros (R$ 425 at the current price).

The executives said that the purpose of the return of these devices is to remember a time when technology was simpler.

new tablets

In addition to the return of the darlings, the company also announced the launch of a powerful tablet, but which can still please the public fan of compact devices. Called the Nokia T10, it has an 8-inch screen and a 5,250 mAh battery, which should last a long time in the hands of its users. It even leaves the factory with the latest version of Android.

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