Not long! Auxilio Brasil already announces the extra R$ 200 in the app statement

With the month of August finally upon us, people can almost smell the money that will be in their accounts soon, thanks to Auxilio Brasil. Your new value, now turbocharged, is closer than ever and will come at a much-needed economic moment.

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Who doesn’t remember that the benefits PEC was finally approved? Yes, it’s because of her the new values ​​are already official and will start to be paid later this month! For many, Auxílio Brasil had a more significant.

Since it is more comprehensive, the amount paid rose by R$ 200. Of course, some people doubted it until the last moment, but this can already be checked in the Caixa app. A portion of the population believed that the benefit appeared having its total value of R$ 600, but the message was posted a little differently.

Auxílio Brasil continues to be shown as a benefit worth R$ 400, which scared a lot of people, but just below there is the notification of a “complementary aid” worth R$ 200. What a relief, huh?

The idea behind this is to remind people that this benefit will be temporary and that is not part of the amount officially allocated to the program.

For those who don’t remember, the benefits PEC will only be paid until December. At the end of the last month of this year, if nothing changes by then, all modified benefits will return to normal. The new ones will also cease to exist.

While Auxilio Brasil rose, the gas voucher was readjusted. Unlike the previous one, this one will not have a fixed value. In fact, the value of the gas voucher today is 50% of the value of the 13 kg cylinder, so what changes is that the percentage will rise to 100%.

That way, the money received will practically double. However, it will continue to be paid on a bimonthly basis, meaning that this amount will only reach people in the months of August, October and November.

On the other hand, taxi drivers and truck drivers seem to be very happy with their new benefits. The BEm Truck Driver and the BEm Taxi driver will receive around one thousand reais each. The installment will be paid every month!

THE advantage is that in this month of August both groups will receive two quotas at once, with one being “delayed” and referring to July. In the first month, everyone will receive R$ 2 thousand to fight the price of diesel.

Below is the payment schedule for the new Auxílio Brasil:

  • End of NIS 1 – 08/9;
  • End of NIS 2 – 08/10;
  • End of NIS 3 – 08/11;
  • End of NIS 4 – 08/12;
  • End of NIS 5 – 08/15;
  • End of NIS 6 – 08/16;
  • End of NIS 7 – 08/17;
  • End of NIS 8 – 08/18;
  • End of NIS 9 – 08/19;
  • End of NIS 0 – 08/22.

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