Nubank pays BRL 50,000 to the account for a customer who answers questions

O Nubank will raffle R$ 50 thousand, in addition to other smaller prizes, through the promotion “life ticket“. Interested parties can participate in the action until November 30, 2022. The main requirement is to be a customer “Nubank Vida” – Nubank life insurance.

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Overall, the promotion rewards customers of fintech with tickets or “virtual vouchers”, which are digital coupons that can be exchanged for services and other products. See below how easy it is to register and start competing for awards by the institution.

Nubank Lifetime Promotion

The program Nubank Life Voucher will offer participants the opportunity to compete every month for the “Quiz da Vida”, a quiz with questions that releases tickets ranging from R$30 to R$100.

In addition, monthly raffles are also offered in the ranges of R$1,000 and R$6,000. At the end of the promotion, a special draw will be held in the amount of R$ 50 thousand.

Those interested in participating in the action must, basically, be or become Nubank Vida customers for the duration of the campaign, which runs until November. Check below the steps to participate in the promotion and compete for prizes.

How to participate in Nubank Vida?

Interested in competing for the awards? So here’s how to participate in the monthly draws, in addition to competing for the big final jackpot:

  • Open the Nubank app;
  • Then, access the Nubank Vida screen;
  • Next, click on the “Vale-Vida Nubank Promotion” button;
  • The promotion details screen will appear on the screen;
  • Accept the terms and regulations;
  • Then click on join;
  • After a few seconds, the user will be directed to the logged-in area of ​​the Vale-Vida Nubank hotsite. There, he will be able to play the “Quiz da Vida”, check his participation, follow the test results and who were the winners of the draws.

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