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One of them came from the Tricolor players, who entered the field with a black shirt bearing the name of the fan and a banner written “#JustiçaPorMaurinho”.

In the stands, the members of Fúria Independente wore a black t-shirt until the 41st minute of the first half, when they removed their clothing, wore the traditional white color and paid tribute to the then president of the organization.

In addition, a flag with Maurinho’s name and face was placed in the stadium, as well as a photo of him on the big screen in Vila Capanema.

Paraná Clube players entered with a belt — Photo: Igor Barrankievicz/Paraná Clube

According to the organizers, the president was trampled by a Military Police horse during the interval of the match in front of Cascavel, outside Vila Capanema. Mauro was 41 years old and left his wife and also a son. He lived in Curitiba, was an e-commerce analyst and also a member of Paraná Clube.

PM-PR disputes this information. According to the general commander of the PM, Colonel Hudson, at least three versions were passed to the police about what happened. He also claimed that a horse stepping on someone “is not common” and that “the animal is afraid and does not do that”, but did not rule out that the situation could have happened.

Hudson also said that the PM opened an administrative procedure to investigate the case and that the 11 military police officers of the cavalry who acted in the game have already given testimony. None said they identified their horse stepping on a fan.

Urbim’s family authorized organ donation shortly after he was confirmed brain dead. There are eight organs that were sent to the State Transplant Center.

Photo by Mauro Urbin is shown on the big screen at Vila Capanema — Photo: Igor Barrankievicz/Paraná Clube

Online kitty for the child

THE twisted Independent Fury, from Paraná Clube, started an online crowdfunding to raise funds for Mauro Urbim’s son.

In all, more than BRL 60,000 has already been raised to help with the costs of Carlos Eduardo Sielski Urbim, 17 years old. The set target is BRL 150 thousand. A part of the values ​​will be used for the crowd’s party in the match against Alegre Landing, MG, on Sunday, for the round of 16 of the Brazilian Series D.

The contribution is made online. Click here and see all the information.

Paraná Clube fans wore a black shirt in mourning for Maurinho — Photo: Igor Barrankievicz/Paraná Clube

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