Performances: Tréllez and Rafinha score, and Dalton closes Vitória’s goal; see notes | victory

Dalton was the main name of the Victory on this sunday night, when Rubro-Negro beat Mirassol 2-1, in the interior of São Paulo, in a match valid for the 18th round of the C Series of the Brazilian Championship. In addition to the goalkeeper, Rafinha and Tréllez were also decisive for the game’s score.

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Dalton in Virória x Mirassol — Photo: Marcos Freitas/Ag. Mirasol

The forwards were responsible for the red-black goals, but Dalton made at least four saves that “worth a goal” against Mirassol.

The bad news is that the archer received the third yellow card and is suspended from the next round, when Leão receives Brasil de Pelotas to decide the classification for the next phase.

+ Vitória has three absences for the last round of the first phase of the Series C, against Brasil-RS

Vitória returns to the field next Saturday, when the last round of the first phase of the C Series of the Brazilian Championship takes place. In Barradão, Rubro-Negro receives a visit from Brasil de Pelotas, in a match scheduled to start at 17:00 (Brasília time).

See the highlights of the match.

shone; Victory; performances — Photo:

Dalton became a wall under the beams and was decisive for Vitória to beat Mirassol this Sunday. The goalkeeper made at least four incredible saves in the interior of São Paulo.

— Photo:

Rafinha came back from injury and did what he used to do: goal. Vitória’s top scorer in Serie C swung the nets on the counterattack. Before that, Tréllez had already left his. The fourth in the last five games.

— Photo:

Vitória’s full-backs did not live an inspired night. On the right and left, Alemão and Lazaroni suffered from Mirassol’s advances.

See the notes of the other players:

  • Dalton | 8.0
  • German | 4.5
  • Alan Santos | 5.0
  • Mark Antony | 5.0
  • Lazaroni | 4.5
  • Leo Gomes | 5.0
  • Dionysus | 5.0
  • Gabriel Honorio | 4.5
  • luidy | 5.0
  • Rafinha | 6.5
  • Trellez | 6.5
  • João Pedro [substituiu Rafinha] | no grade
  • money [substituiu Tréllez] | no grade
  • Zé Vitor [substituiu Dinei] | no grade
  • luidy [substituiu Iury] | no grade

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