Post-credits scene officially revealed

Dwayne Johnson voiced three of the four characters present in the scene: Krypto, Anubis and Black Adam. Johnson has been talking about a confrontation between his Black Adam and Superman for some time now, writing in the Instagram post:

DC fans are looking forward to seeing Black Adam and Superman face off, and for awhile it looked like the DCEU would be the best place for such an event. Nonetheless, DC League of Superpets suggests that this could happen in a potential sequel.

Weeks ago, rumors surfaced that Superman would be in a post-credits scene of black adam. A famous insider has confirmed that the Man of Steel will even appear in the film of the dark wizard played by The Rock, only it won’t be exactly as reported before.

On your Patreon, Daniel Richtman revealed that a post-credits scene added in the film will show the protagonist talking to Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) about Superman and it is possible to see the Last Son of Krypton himself, but only his costume.

Previously, it was reported that the post-credits scene would be Superman and Amanda Waller’s encounter. The head of the Suicide Squad would warn Superman about the arrival of Black Adam. It would also not be possible to see Superman’s face in this scene.

As we recently reported, the Warner Bros. Discovery is trying to bring back the actor Henry Cavill for the DCEU. However, Cavill would be demanding that Superman have a new solo project, in addition to a salary increase.

The animation counts, in its original audio, with the voices of The Rock as the superdog Krypto, Kevin Hart like the Ace baton, John Krasinski like Superman, Keanu Reeves like Batman and other Hollywood stars. The film is currently showing in Brazilian cinemas.

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